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Download Hisn Al Muslim - Azkar Hisn Al Muslim - Azkar icon
Hisn Al Muslim - Azkar

مطابق تماماً للكتاب من حيث محتوى الصفحة الواحدة وترقيم الصفحات ونوع الخط إمكانية تصفح الكتاب بدون الاتصال بالانترنت إمكانية حفظ علامة عند صفحة معينة و الرجوع إليها لاحقاً يحافظ البرنامج على وضع الشاشة المضاءة لمن أراد الاستمرار بالقراءة لفترة طويلة في حال إغلاق البرنامج عند صفحة معينة و فتحه مرة أخرى سيذهب تلقائياً الى الصفحة التي تم الإغلاق عن…

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Download Pocket RxTx Free Pocket RxTx Free icon
Pocket RxTx Free

NOTE: This application contain non-intrusive Ads, only when in offline mode. If you like it please consider to download the ad free version (Pocket RxTx+). All the features from the paid version are available in the free (ad based) version too. This is an Android application used to remotely control several HAM radio - any CAT enabled transceiver…

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Download Shezan ATM Machine Shezan ATM Machine icon
Shezan ATM Machine

Hey Guys! I have created a new application for you! Did you Guys were not feeling good when you did not receive your salary or was late ! So its perfect for you 1) Complete password protected log in screen. Use password "1234" you can try using other wrong pin codes a police sound starts sounding as soon as you press the clear button i…

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Download T20 World Cup 2016 T20 World Cup 2016 icon
T20 World Cup 2016

CricPoint - T20 World Cup 2016 brings you each and every update from the world of cricket right here on your phone. Now enjoy all the action from T20 World Cup 2016 with a comprehensive range of amazing features available for you in an easily-navigable menu. Follow live scores, commentary and updates from World T20 including detailed info like full…

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Download القرآن كامل - ياسرالدوسري Mp3 القرآن كامل - ياسرالدوسري Mp3 icon
القرآن كامل - ياسرالدوسري Mp3

القرآن الكريم كامل - ياسرالدوسري السيرة الذاتية الاسـم : ياسر بن راشد بن حسـين الودعاني الدوسري الوظيفة : • عضو هيئة التدريس بجامعة الملك سعود . • عضو الجمعية ( الفقهية ) العلمية السعودية . • عضو الجمعية العلمية ( القضائية ) السعودية . • عضو الجمعية العلمية السعودية للقرآن وعلومه( تبيان ) . • عضو الجمعية السعودية ( للدراسات الدعوية ) . • إمام…

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Download Mp4 Merger & Video Merger Mp4 Merger & Video Merger icon
Mp4 Merger & Video Merger

Mp4 Merger & Video Merger is a tool to merger multiple Video files into a one single video file.The Mp4 Merger will combine the Video files in a sequential fashion and create a one single video file. The Application will show a dashboard containing all the video files. Select the songs to add in the buffer. When the songs added into the buffer…

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Download Mezdeke Müzikleri - 12 Mezdeke Müzikleri - 12 icon
Mezdeke Müzikleri - 12

***Ses Bombası - 12 *** Birbirinden güzel mezdeke sesleri şimdi cebinizde... Kodlayan ve Hazırlayan: K.Kerim TORUN İstek ve önerilerinizi mail yolu ile iletebilirsiniz.

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Download Push Notice Push Notice icon
Push Notice

ASUS Push Notice gives you monitoring your PC status on the go. You can also throw the webpage you are browsing or memo to your smart device — in a snap! Everything is connected and under control, no matter where you are. Requirements: 1. Public-to-private networks function is exclusively supported on ASUS motherboards. Features: 1. PC Mode Aler…

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Download Ateistlere Cevaplar Ateistlere Cevaplar icon
Ateistlere Cevaplar

"Herkes Düşüncesinde Özgürdür" Onagöre Değerlenderile. <--Programın Özellikleri--> 1) Sürekli Güncel. 2) SD Karta Taşınabiliyor 3) Çok Küçük Alan Kaplıyor. 4) Tüm Telefonlar için Uyumluluk. 5) Güvenilir Bilgiler. 6) Otomatik olarak Güncellenebiliyor. 7) Telefonda Çerez Barındırmıyor. 8)"Bul" butonu ile uygulama içi arama…

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Download SSC-HSC Paper Collection SSC-HSC Paper Collection icon
SSC-HSC Paper Collection

This application allows to download Papers Collection of 10th and 12th standard (S.S.C. and H.S.C.). Simply Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board provides Previous year Paper Sets. The main intention behind creating this app is you can easily and quickly download any year of examination papers. This App Contains Following types of Papers C…

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Download MPT E Top Up MPT E Top Up icon
MPT E Top Up

For MPT E Top Up Family Top Up to MPT GSM/WCMDA Users with MPT E Top Up System By using this application, you only need to input Phone Number, Amount and PIN. This Application is distributed freely by the courtesy of Web Host Myanmar. MPT E Top Up ကို အသုံးျပဳလိုပါက ပထမဦးဆုံး E Top Up အေကာင့္ ရယူရမည္ျဖစ္ပါသည္။ E Top UP အေကာင့္ယူရန္အတြက္ နီးစပ္…

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Download Draw the heroes of the game Draw the heroes of the game icon
Draw the heroes of the game

Learn how to draw in steps games heroes maincraft is a unique application that will teach you how easy it is to draw Gast, Steve, Creeper, Spider, Sceleton, Zombie with simple step by step instructions! Drawing considered to be a very difficult sanatamaria suitable for self-study, for children, for adults and this is just the way it is to draw game…

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