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Download Sindhi Text Book IX Sindhi Text Book IX icon
Sindhi Text Book IX

Complete Text Book. We are promote a vision of Benazir Bhutto, we are distribute free Books Apps in Sindh. Chapter Included in Sindhi Text Book Khutbah Hajjatul Wida Khudbo Hazart Salman Faarsi (R.A) Hazart Imam Jafar Sadiq (R.A) Quaid-e-Azam Ja Airshad Aitehad Tanzeem Yaqeen Muhqam Mulana Deen Muhammad Wafaie Maie Khairi Hunar Dulat Aiehi Khaat…

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Download Animals World Animals World icon
Animals World

A small application to test your knowledge for animals around the world. How much you know about animals around the world. If you don't have enough information about animals around you then you can know them by this app.This application gives the knowledge about animals around the globe. This will really help you to gain the information about…

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Download ولادة في جدار ولادة في جدار icon
ولادة في جدار

تطبيق لايحتاج الى انترنت القصص جميلة وهادفة و قابلة للقراءة لاكثر من مرة القصص منظمة بشكل جميل واجهة التطبيق منظمة بشكل جميل ومبسط يتضمن صور و شهادات لشخصيات ادبية

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Download TTS TTS icon

Application is simple to use. Funny interface Fast response applied Low volume application to facilitate installed on various types of phones no matter how simple specifications Application occur supports the change in the tone of talk

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Download فاضل عواد فاضل عواد icon
فاضل عواد

The best application that includes wonderful artist Fadel Awad The application includes a number of excellent finest artist Magne Songs in MP3 format and works without Internet Audio player application includes offers a great potential for providing and rewind Operator embodied in a simple and smooth application Flowery design buttons and interacti…

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Download Slick Daily Slick Daily icon
Slick Daily

Write your experiences today. You can read it later or tomorrow and share it with you! -Doesn't take up space. -Doesn't contain annoying ads. -Is encrypted. Only you can open. -You can colorize the posts. Start using it now. Type as they come to mind.

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Download Belive U Belive U icon
Belive U

The Network where you feel Alive BeliveU is a new social network with very nice features, say hello to the new age of social networks. بيليفو، هي شبكه تواصل إجتماعي جديده ،

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Social business, Where you can found and build a business partners

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