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The Spirit Hunter Society

The Spirit Hunter Society is dedicated to the furthering of knowledge through thorough investigations to spread truth and understanding throughout the paranormal community.

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Download TexSpeak - Simple TTS Output TexSpeak - Simple TTS Output icon
TexSpeak - Simple TTS Output

TexSpeak is a simple app that speaks out text the user types in a field. This app makes use of Google's Text-to-Speech engine to speak out the text. It's a very simple app, and it's currently in a sort of Beta/Alpha state, so please keep in mind that features might be removed, changed or added without prior warning. Also keep in mind…

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Download BrewBuddy BrewBuddy icon

BrewBuddy is a simple coffee brewing recipe store and timer designed to help you keep track of and review your individual brews. It accommodates only a few brewing methods (i.e. Chemex, Hario V60, etc.), but all recipes are entered the same way. It accounts for amount of coffee and water and the target brew time. BrewBuddy will time your brew on yo…

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Download ServeSimply ServeSimply icon

ServeSimply allows customers to get in the waiting list from their phone. Provides a quick list of nearby restaurants with detail information such as amenities, type of food served and travel directions.

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Download VineMetrics VineMetrics icon

Your vineyard is changing every day. To make the best decisions you need to know the critical vine metrics that drive crop yield, quality and vine health. That's why we formed VineMetrics - to provide grape growers with the best information, tools and prescriptive services to make better decisions. VineMetrics has pioneered plant-based sensor…

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Download Pouf Blowout Pouf Blowout icon
Pouf Blowout

In this app you can book an appointment, get the latest Facebook updates, Gallery and much more.

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Download The Blowout Bar The Blowout Bar icon
The Blowout Bar

In this app you can book an appointment, get the latest Facebook updates, Gallery and much more

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Download Fun Facts Fun Facts icon
Fun Facts

Fun and interesting facts at the tap of a button! The users will be able to tap a button and see a fun fact on each tap. The background colour also changes simultaneously.

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Download MSOE STEM Walking Robot MSOE STEM Walking Robot icon
MSOE STEM Walking Robot

An application used to communicate with MSOE's STEM-demonstration walking robot. It currently features the ability to connect to and control a demonstration robot. Viewing status information may be possible with subsequent versions of this application. Only one application can be connected to a demonstration robot at time.

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Download 09-Tech 09-Tech icon

Auto Technical Service 09 tech, call auto tech support from android phone

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Download مطاعمنا مطاعمنا icon

الآن أصبح بإمكانك الطلب من مطاعمك المفضلة في بغداد من خلال تطبيق مطاعمنا

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