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Download Guide for Smackdown Pain Guide for Smackdown Pain icon
Guide for Smackdown Pain

This legendary WWE Smackdown PAIN popular game will always be remembered because it has a very nice gameplay and interesting. Not only that, this game has a graphic that is adequate in his day. For those of you who always wanted to play this game, we present you with a tutorial and how to play this game on android smartphone yours. Play the game S…

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Download Cure Plus Manager Cure Plus Manager icon
Cure Plus Manager

The world is fast moving alongside the rate of healthcare issues are vast. Our world has developed but still today it’s difficult for the common man to find the right treatment. We believe all mankind have right to proper healthcare treatments be it medicine or a doctor. In India we find there is growth and new approach towards health care but sti…

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Download Swad Daily Swad Daily icon
Swad Daily

Your daily dose of fresh vegetables & fruits from your trusted brand Swad

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Download IVFTechINdonoApp IVFTechINdonoApp icon

Authenticated and specialized healthcare IT solution, connecting approved healthcare solution providers, consultants and assisted reproduction supporters powered by is a burgeoning application software development company in India. In the current scenario, strategies of hospitals have turned to the latest technology for their…

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Download TradeTech FX USA 2017 TradeTech FX USA 2017 icon
TradeTech FX USA 2017

TradeTech FX is the only global annual meeting for institutional senior level FX buy side traders. Attend to discuss the growth of trading technology and automation and successfully overcoming market structure and regulatory challenges. It is the definitive annual meeting place for institutional FX traders, designed to address critical concerns in…

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Download Activ4pets India Activ4pets India icon
Activ4pets India

Activ4Pets is a health management service safely storing, viewing and sharing your pet’s health related records and information online.It also allows access to a network of worldwide veterinarians who can provide second medical opinion and telemedicine services for pets. Keywords: Medical Records, pets, veterinarian online, PHR, Second Medical Opi…

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Download Jeevan Jyothi Jeevan Jyothi icon
Jeevan Jyothi

A few minutes of your time can save a person and extend his/her life by years. Become a blood donor and become a life saver. And your contribution by being a blood donor is not limited to saving just one patient but more than one. There are four unique components in blood which can be extracted and that can be used to help any patient in need of th…

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Download Cumulus Practice Cumulus Practice icon
Cumulus Practice

* Patient Health Records * Personalized Remote Health Monitoring * Answer Patient Questions * Video Consultations * Appointment Management

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Download Tamil pregnancy guide Tamil pregnancy guide icon
Tamil pregnancy guide

Described various situations of pregnant ladies and and solutions Described the baby caring after delivery

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Download PocketPay PocketPay icon

PocketPay is an app that allows certified resellers to sell gigabit connectivity plans from CloudMondo and local ISPs to anyone that wants to connect to a secure, fast gigabit internet connection.

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Download The brightest LED Flash Light The brightest LED Flash Light icon
The brightest LED Flash Light

Flash Light - The brightest LED Torch Use Flash light in Smart Phone as Torch The simplest and the most practical Torch app. - Powerful LED Light - Simple Torch App - Convenient Widget - All Free - No access to private info. ※ Use following steps to create the icon on the screen and use the Flash function easily and quickly by pressing the icon…

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