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Download Hide Read for WhatsApp Hide Read for WhatsApp icon
Hide Read for WhatsApp

Hide read for Whatsapp will allow your contacts to see wether you received the message or not, but they will never know that you read it. Features * Read all your messages with incognito mode. * Download and display pictures, images and audio files that you receive through WhatsApp. * Your contacts will receive the double check only when you&#…

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Download KetoDiet Basic KetoDiet Basic icon
KetoDiet Basic

What is the Ketogenic Diet? The ketogenic diet is high in fat, adequate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Most people follow the keto diet in order to lose weight. However, weight loss is just one of the many benefits that include improved cholesterol levels, lowering risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes, treating of cancer, epilepsy and…

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Download Mp3 Music Downloader Mp3 Music Downloader icon
Mp3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Player and Downloader can search and download music into your devices SD card in downloader folder and can be reached directly from server, from application's embedded music player or from your phone music players library. Stay with enjoyable musics and download as in library. Get your favorite mp3 songs more easily by typing the g…

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Download Markedshot - Sell Photos Markedshot - Sell Photos icon
Markedshot - Sell Photos

Sell your photos and make real money! Just upload your photos via Markedshot app and get paid when businesses buy your photos. Markedshot is a marketplace for buying and selling beautiful photos taken by mobile photographers around the world. - No monthly fees. No upload limits. - Upload photos directly from your phone. - Use our powerful photo e…

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Download Chromer Chromer icon

Chromer is a browser based on Google Chrome's Chrome Custom Tab. It simplifies browsing by prioritizing rendering a link first than anything else. This is achieved by use of Chrome Custom Tab which are light weight browser tabs from Google Chrome (limited other browsers are supported too). Chromer slides over the website from the app, enablin…

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Download Maui Revealed 7th Edition Maui Revealed 7th Edition icon
Maui Revealed 7th Edition

This app is based on the 7th edition of the guidebook. This is the current edition. Never get lost with the Maui Revealed app. This app is the perfect companion to the Maui Revealed book or eBook. Nothing beats the reading experience of a book to plan your vacation, but while you are traveling, the Maui Revealed app combines the complete guideboo…

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Download Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me icon
Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me

Ready for a next-level app that opens new possibilities for customization? Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me is the most wanted app that will change the look of your device and give it a new voice! Even the biggest music freak can find something special in our large collection of free ringtones. The sounds are organized into categories smartly an…

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Download TaskS2 TaskS2 icon

TaskS2 only works with Samsung Gear S2. Why is this app paid while the Gear app is free? The reason is that non-Samsung users cannot access paid apps in the Gear App Store. I release the Gear app for free so everyone can download it, but its Android companion app is a paid app. Please understand that I have to pay the bills too. AND THIS IS NOT A…

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Download Dog - advisor Dog - advisor icon
Dog - advisor

Receive notifications along with emotions! Are you tired of endless missed calls or text messages that you notice too late? The smart notifier 'Dog' is the perfect solution for you! The clever animated character in form of a funny talking dog appears on top of all other windows and apps so that you notice it, no matter what app you are usin…

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Download Poetoo - Social Poetry Poetoo - Social Poetry icon
Poetoo - Social Poetry

Write together with your friends a poem. Start a new poem and determine how many lines the poem should have. Define the structure and think about a topic as a guideline. You can decide, whether the other poetoo users are allowed to see the content of each line or if the poem should be "blind". With a "blind" poem comes even m…

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Download Urmun - Icon Pack Urmun - Icon Pack icon
Urmun - Icon Pack

Material. Creative. Particular. Stunning details on each and every icon will make your device very different. With fully followed material design guides, be ready to enjoy eye pleasing colors and shapeless design. Visual expression at maximum. True material design experience. M is here and it is shining! FEATURES • 3.950+ HD icons • Hundreds of…

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