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Download Speedify - Faster Internet Speedify - Faster Internet icon
Speedify - Faster Internet

Speedify makes your Internet faster and more reliable. Easily combine your cellular and Wi-Fi connections for more bandwidth and to keep you online when your Wi-Fi stops working. When your phone or tablet is stuck on a poor Wi-Fi connection, Speedify will seamlessly switch to cellular without skipping a beat. That way your videos keep streaming, p…

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Download CastBox - Podcast Radio Music CastBox - Podcast Radio Music icon
CastBox - Podcast Radio Music

★ Top Trending Apps of Global Best 2016 by Google Play ★ ★ Most Entertaining of Best Apps 2016 by Google Play ★ ★ Winner of Google Demo Day 2016 Women's Edition - Judges' Choice Award ★ ★ 135 countries Editors' Choice featured by Google Play ★ ★ No.1 of "Top podcast player apps, 50 best podcatchers" nominated by TCC ★…

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Download Open Link With... Open Link With... icon
Open Link With...

Open the current web page in a browser in another app! Did it ever happen to you? You click a link (let's say Youtube link) and the system does not ask you anything and opens the link in the browser. And you are stuck in Youtube web page instead of watching the video in the native app. There are 2 options for you. You either watch the video i…

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Download Anticipate - Browser Tool Anticipate - Browser Tool icon
Anticipate - Browser Tool

Anticipate is an open source web browsing tool that finds and prepares for links on-screen so they load much faster when you open them (similar to what mobile/desktop Chrome does when you're browsing in them). Features: - Customize blacklist/whitelist of link-scanning - Monitor links being pre-loaded - QuickSwitch Bubbles (beta): opens up C…

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Download PhotoAffix [BETA] PhotoAffix [BETA] icon
PhotoAffix [BETA]

PhotoAffix is in beta, it's still being developed. It's also open source! PhotoAffix allows you to combine photos together, in vertical or horizontal orientation, to create one single image. A common use case for this is to create multiple device art screenshots of an app, and combine them together…

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Download 3dStills Camera 3dStills Camera icon
3dStills Camera

3dStills camera is a 3d camera app which enables you to use 3D Glasses, Google Cardboard or the Power of the human eye and brain to capture and share images which give the sense of depth - a step closer to reality than a normal smartphone camera image. The App is great for Capturing and Sharing Landscapes and Sceneries to view from your Google Car…

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Download My Baby's Beat-Prenatal listen My Baby's Beat-Prenatal listen icon
My Baby's Beat-Prenatal listen

Use your phone's microphone to listen to your baby's sounds in the uterus (Heartbeats, Movements, Kicks, etc). NO ACCESSORY REQUIRED except a simple headphones (with no microphone embedded). You can record, and share the recordings via email, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. “My Baby's Beat” was first launched on 2011 Turn your smartpho…

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Download Misfit Cycling Misfit Cycling icon
Misfit Cycling

Description Misfit Cycling app turns your Misfit Flash Cyclist's Edition into a tool that helps you be on top of your cycling performance. The Misfit Cycling app lets you see your rotations per minute (RPMs) in real time, chart your cycling sessions on a map, and look at speed and estimated calories burned over time. Flash Cyclist's Editio…

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Download Quick for Wear DEMO Quick for Wear DEMO icon
Quick for Wear DEMO

Warning: This is a demo version. Only three replies allowed. Do you have an Android Wear device? Did your ever wish you didn't have to shout to it in public to reply a message? Do you prefer replying from your watch with keyboards or quick replies? This is the app for you! Your freedom is just a few taps away. Get the app, enable it and you a…

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Download Sofia the First Secret Library Sofia the First Secret Library icon
Sofia the First Secret Library

Adventure to exciting kingdoms beyond Enchancia as you help Sofia finish exclusive magical stories from the all-NEW Secret Library! • Enjoy beautiful new storytelling art, animation, and celebrity voice over! • Play through games to advance and help finish the all-new Secret Library stories! • Unlock special content and additional mini-stories! F…

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Download iStaging - Interior Design iStaging - Interior Design icon
iStaging - Interior Design

iStaging provides you with all the tools to design your interiors easily, right from your Android tablet or smartphone. Tap into the latest augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D technologies – all packed into one cutting-edge app! TRY OUT FURNITURE LIKE YOU TRY ON NEW CLOTHES WITH AUGMENTED REALITY No more wondering about how furnit…

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Download AutoMate - Car Dashboard AutoMate - Car Dashboard icon
AutoMate - Car Dashboard

AutoMate makes common services available to while you're driving. With AutoMate, you get the right information at the right time, so you can focus on the road. Basic features • Maps – Search for directions and launch your favorite navigation app for turn-by-turn directions. • Places – Search for nearby places such as gas stations and restauran…

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