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Download News360: Personalized News News360: Personalized News icon

News360: Personalized News

News360 is a news reader which integrates more than 10K sources in a c...

Similar app: News360 (Old)

Free 7 23.8K

7 Expert
Download News Republic – Breaking news News Republic – Breaking news icon

News Republic – Breaking news

A source for news on your smartphone.

Similar app: News Republic for Tablet

Free 9 137.7K

9 Expert
Download BBC News BBC News icon

BBC News

BBC News is the official Android app of the news channel

Similar app: BBC News

Free 7 106.5K

7 Expert
Download Socialife News: News my way Socialife News: News my way icon

Socialife News: News my way

News and social timelines, all merged in one single app

Similar app: Sumline News

Free 8.1 47.2K

8.1 Expert
Download News in Shorts- India News App News in Shorts- India News App icon

News in Shorts- India News App

Get headline news in 60 words or less.

Similar app: News in Shots

Free 7.3 46.6K

7.3 Expert
Download Circa News Circa News icon

Circa News

Circa delivers news in small doses

Similar app: Celebrity Wire for Tablets

Free 7.9 16.7K

7.9 Expert
Download Cricket Score & News gocricket Cricket Score & News gocricket icon

Cricket Score & News gocricket

Stay up to the minute with cricket-related news and scores

Similar app: Cricket Tracker

Free 8.4 23.8K

8.4 Expert
Download Taptu - DJ your News Taptu - DJ your News icon

Taptu - DJ your News

Taptu is a social news feed reader

Similar app: Push to Kindle

Free 9 25.6K

9 Expert
Download Appy Geek – Tech news Appy Geek – Tech news icon

Appy Geek – Tech news

Appy Geek is a news app focused on web and tech

Similar app: Appy Geek for Tablet

Free 7 134K

7 Expert
Download Talking Tom & Ben News Talking Tom & Ben News icon

Talking Tom & Ben News

Poke them, swipe them, make them fall

Similar app: Talking Tom Cat

Free 6 798.9K

6 Expert
Download Stocks, Forex, Futures & News Stocks, Forex, Futures & News icon

Stocks, Forex, Futures & News

Discover all economic news and live information about stocks

Similar app: Investing Quick link

Free 8 44.9K

8 Expert
Download Appy Gamer – Games news Appy Gamer – Games news icon

Appy Gamer – Games news

Appy Gamer gathers the best games news and highlight them in a handy a...

Similar app: Appy Geek – Tech news

Free 7 45.8K

7 Expert

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