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Poncho: Wake Up Weather

You'll even get updates on how your coat will look…

THE VERDICT Poncho: Wake Up Weather is a weather app with a few quirks that makes it a little more fun. The forecasts are designed by "cats" and they do some pretty crafty things with it. The app also has funny gifs, alarm clocks, and jokes. THE PROS The app is really cute and actually has some funny jokes from time to time. It is a great way to wa…

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A productivity app to schedule meetings depending…

THE VERDICT Gerta is a productivity app for work that allows users to configure meetings with people all around the world. The app displays timezone information so you always know the time difference and keep it in mind when scheduling business meetings. After all, no one wants to meet at 4 in the morning. The first thing you need to do is add the…

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Download PBS KIDS Measure Up! PBS KIDS Measure Up! icon
PBS KIDS Measure Up!

Providing kid-friendly graphics, Measure Up! will…

THE VERDICT Designed for children ages 3 to 5, your child will be helping PBS Kids characters practice early math concepts. Measure Up! for the iOS and Android platforms, your child will be traveling to an island that hosts Treetop City, Magma Peak, and Crystal Waves. This game features on-screen controls so your child can tap on the screen to star…

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Download PulsedIn PulsedIn icon

The social network to share your medical concerns

THE VERDICT Do you often find yourself in search of a great social network that revolves around the medical world? PulsedIn is a network for physicians, organizations and patients to share experiences together. You can use the app differently depending on your occupation. If you're a physician, you can connect from the US and India with other colle…

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Download Freelance Frontier Freelance Frontier icon
Freelance Frontier

A platform where users can publish their works and…

THE VERDICT Freelance Frontier is a social platform where everyone can share their passion about something. The application is based on the popular website where lots of freelancers can upload their resume, fill in their profile information and include examples of their work to complete the online portfolio. What can you do? By using Freelance Fron…

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Download ESongs Radio - Música ESongs Radio - Música icon
ESongs Radio - Música

ESongs Radio - Música es una aplicación destinada para escuchar los mejores temas de forma gratuita. En ella estarás al tanto de: - Las noticias más actuales de tus cantantes favoritos, los temas musicales que graban. Además podrás compartir lo que quieras. Estarás conectada a twitter y a Facebook. Alejandro Sanz, Justin Bieber, Julio Iglesias y m…

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Download Dekkoo Dekkoo icon

Watch films and videos about gay content you would…

THE VERDICT If you love watching diverse films, you might've realized that it's not easy to find what you're looking for. For those who enjoy watching films and videos revolving around gay content, Dekkoo is a complete and well-designed video platform where users will get to watch more than a hundred hours of gay films by paying a monthly or yearly…

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Download Reading Emotions Reading Emotions icon
Reading Emotions

An app to help develop skills in reading and inter…

THE VERDICT Reading Emotions by Manual Facial Coding Specialist, John Habershon, is a specialist app designed to help particularly those on the autistic spectrum to learn how to better read emotions, facial expressions, and body language. This minimalist app includes a comprehensive collection of subtle and mixed emotions, featuring 55 videos of re…

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Download We Run – Social Running We Run – Social Running icon
We Run – Social Running

A way to get in touch with other people who are ru…

THE VERDICT We Run - Social Running puts you in contact with someone else who is running in real time. You can even save certain running partners and communicate back and forth. With excellent compatibility with other running and music apps, seamless social running is a download away. THE PROS This would be a great option for fitness-conscious peop…

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A social network for gamers around the world

THE VERDICT is a social gaming platform where gamers from around the world can connect with other users, sharing content about their favorite games and the hottest news in the world of gaming. With, users can post status updates and share pictures and videos with the community, like games within the app, and post “now playing” u…

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Download PhyWiz - Physics Solver PhyWiz - Physics Solver icon
PhyWiz - Physics Solver

Answer vexing physics problem on-the-go

THE VERDICT PhyWiz - Physics Solver is a phyics helper app that puts the power of physics knowledge in the palm of your hand. Whether you are browsing through the massive list of free practice questions or making your way through the vast library of topics, there's likely not a physics equation PhyWiz can't help you with. THE PROS The step-by-step…

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Download Rookie Cam by JellyBus Rookie Cam by JellyBus icon
Rookie Cam by JellyBus

Rookie Cam brings advanced photo editing tools mad…

THE VERDICT Combining the best of professional camera editing tools with simple to use photo filters, Rookie Cam by Jellybus transforms your iOS or Android camera into a powerful camera and photo editor. From the get-go, you get access to live camera filters which you can activate by tapping on the Rookie Cam logo on the lower-right. You can also u…

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