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Download GO Tools for Pokémon GO GO Tools for Pokémon GO icon
GO Tools for Pokémon GO

GO Tools is a crowdsourced, interactive map for Pokemon Go! Need to catch some rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO? Use our tool to find them through user submitted sightings. We are now displaying gyms, pokestops along with showing where potential pokemon are located! We have added a system to where you can filter only pokemon that are still around. Exp…

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Download Annoisli Annoisli icon

Destroy focus, ruin productivity, and end friendships with obnoxious sounds. The only app that can help simulate a crying baby stuck in a car with the alarm going off while the passenger eats spaghetti.

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Download FAST Speed Test FAST Speed Test icon
FAST Speed Test

Use the application to help you see how fast your internet connection is, whether on mobile or broadband, anywhere in the world. It is ad free with a streamlined design that is quick and easy to understand.

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Download MessGO 2.0 MessGO 2.0 icon
MessGO 2.0

Chat and send private messages to nearby Pokémon GO players. MessGO is a chat and private messaging app to communicate with nearby Pokémon GO players. With MessGO you will get updates about what's happening in your local Pokémon GO community. You can team up with nearby players to take down a GYM, find rare Pokémons and discover a lot of hidd…

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Download Ringsure-Mute unwanted calls Ringsure-Mute unwanted calls icon
Ringsure-Mute unwanted calls

Whats this app about 1. Most of people use to keep their phone silent . For instance some people have really protective girlfriends and if they miss their calls , boys are doomed and have to answer a lot of questions like where were you ? why dint you picked my phone ? etc and similarly people have lot of important people in life who may have e…

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Download Prisma Prisma icon

Be an artist! Turn your photos into awesome artworks: - Modern art filters! - Stunning photo effects - Fast sharing Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists: Munk, Picasso as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorabl…

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Download AfricTelegraph AfricTelegraph icon

AfricTelegraph est une application reprenant toute l’information en ligne de l’agence privée Elle est spécialisée dans la diffusion d’informations, reportages et analyses sur l’Afrique et l’Afrique centrale en particulier. Nous abordons plusieurs domaines tels que la politique, l’économie, le social, la culture, le sport, les dr…

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Download Remember me Vocabulary Trainer Remember me Vocabulary Trainer icon
Remember me Vocabulary Trainer

This app is both an online translator and a vocabulary trainer. While reading a text in a foreign language you come across an unknown word. You look it up in an online dictionary, but after a short while you forget it, so you miss the opportunity to improve your vocabulary. Have you ever experienced this? Remember me can remedy this problem. The…

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Download Learn Chinese with Zizzle Learn Chinese with Zizzle icon
Learn Chinese with Zizzle

Learn Chinese with Zizzle is the only Chinese language app that combines beautiful visualizations with the latest scientific research. Learning Chinese has never been so efficient and fun. Zizzle turns Chinese characters into engaging visualizations and memorable short stories with funny heroes. The University of Munich has independently verified…

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Download Max Fitness Max Fitness icon
Max Fitness

ARE YOU TIRED OF TRYING OUT A NEW DIET AND A NEW TRAINING PLAN EVERY OTHER MONTH, ONLY TO END UP FRUSTRATED OF NOT GETTING TO YOUR GOAL? EVERY EXPERT SAYS DIFFERENT THINGS AND NOTHING SEEMS TO REALLY WORK? The fitness industry today is filled with false advise and its only purpose is getting your money while keeping the truth away from you, so you…

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Download Project Sonoma Project Sonoma icon
Project Sonoma

The one-stop app for deskless workers. See when you’re next scheduled to work. Get important on-the-job info. Chat with your teammates. And more. All from your phone. Project Sonoma is currently in Private Preview. If the business you work for has signed up to participate, you can install and start using the app right away. If not, get on our wait…

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Download Manage Credit Card Free Manage Credit Card Free icon
Manage Credit Card Free

The goal is to create a simple, yet powerful credit card manager app, that reminds you important dates as well as to keep track of your transactions. Simple and user friendly UI - following Google’s Material Design guidelines. No internet permission (nor any potentially unsafe permissions) - privacy is of no.1 importance Brought to you by someon…

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