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Step inside the hallowed halls of the Gorillaz house, won’t you? For the very first time,all your pressing questions will be answered - where does Noodle find her inner chakra? What does 2D do on his time off from being a world famous frontman? When will Russel take his vibe to the streets? And what, exactly, is in the forbidden depths of Murdoc’s…

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Download Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit icon
Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit

Sweatcoin is a new breed of step counter and activity tracker app that earns you digital currency - "sweat coin" - to spend on gadgets, sports kit, fitness training, healthy nutrition and much much more … "Basically pays you to move and exercise, and it costs nothing to use." - Men’s Journal "The app that PAYS you to get…

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Download Runtasty - Healthy Recipe Book Runtasty - Healthy Recipe Book icon
Runtasty - Healthy Recipe Book

Get 40+ free healthy recipes and kitchen hacks! Your complete healthy recipe book right in your phone. Want a low-calorie healthy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? Need a quick post-workout recipe to fuel the gains? Pop open your Runtasty cooking recipes app and head to the market. The ingredients are practical, the recipes are simple and your bel…

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Download Panorama Panorama icon

Ergonomic application for quick creation and convenient displaying of your TO-DO list, notes and reminders in the status bar. Features: - display your notes in the status bar (always - at your fingertips!); - personal highlighting of the every note with color (you can highlight important notes!); - ergonomic interface (in two clicks!);

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Download Calculator Quick Settings Tile Calculator Quick Settings Tile icon
Calculator Quick Settings Tile

Drag the Tile into the active area when editing the Quick Settings menu in order to use it. Tap on the tile to launch the floating Calculator, you can also drag it around your screen. You can use the calculator to perform simple math operations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, while the app you had open still works as normal.…

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Download Use Curious - A question a day Use Curious - A question a day icon
Use Curious - A question a day

Use Curious Polls - Answer a curious question everyday to win real cash with Curious Use Curious Polls asks a simple yes or no question daily. Answer and get entered into our daily £100 or $100 prize raffle, you’ll find out the next day if you’ve won. Fill out your Use Curious polls profile to get up to 11 extra entries for life and invite your f…

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Download Winnie Winnie icon

Winnie is a place for parents to find and share information. Whether you want to ask for advice, find new things to do with your kids, or just get to the nearest changing table in a hurry, we can help. When you sign up for Winnie you can: * Immediately join a helpful community of moms & dads — no more waiting for invites to exclusive groups.…

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Download Spin Bikes Spin Bikes icon
Spin Bikes

Spin is a station-less bikeshare for your city. Pick up and drop-off our bikes anywhere. You are always steps away from the nearest Spin bike! Here's how it works: * Find the nearest Spin bike by looking around...or via our app * Scan the QR code on the bike and get a code to unlock it * When you're done riding, just leave the bike neatly…

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Download Owy Owy icon

Keep track of the things people owe you with Owy. Owy is the best app to keep track of that movie, hamburger, $20 or dress you lend. Simply add an item, contact, date and image and you're done. Send a message in 1 tap to get your item back. If you've feedback or you've found bugs, please mail to We will write you ba…

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Download GrammarPal GrammarPal icon

GrammarPal checks your texts for grammatical errors. Unlike the spell checker that's built into your phone, this app aims to also find all other kinds of grammatical errors. Be it spelling, style or any other form of error, GrammarPal helps you find and fix them. Core features: • Scan your texts for errors directly from any app. • Instantly s…

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Download Tucano for Twitter - Beta Tucano for Twitter - Beta icon
Tucano for Twitter - Beta

Tucano is an amazing new Twitter client available for android smartphones focused on features that brings a better experience. Change the colors, switch between dark and light themes, mute tweets by keywords or users, easily make advanced searches and much more. Some notable features: - Mute keywords or users temporarily or forever - Add multipl…

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Download Stance Stance icon

Calling congress is the most effective way to make your voice heard. Overflowing voicemails and busy staffers mean that constituents often spend hours waiting to deliver a 1-minute message. That’s why we created Stance. Stance sends your message directly to your representative's phone and twitter handle, and also posts them on…

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