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It's neither Wave nor Buzz. It's something beyond…

It may be that Google isn't Google's first attempt into social networking. What it's for sure is that it's its best. Also, it may seem that launching the app when its web counterpart is still in betatesting stage is premature, but appropiate to a world where smartphones become more prominent each day. Early findings: absolute integration with Andr…

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Download Dolphin - Best Web Browser Dolphin - Best Web Browser  icon
Dolphin - Best Web Browser

Browse through your favorites websites using Dolph…

This browser is minimalist and elegant. When you install it, it asks you where do you want the gesture settings and it gives you the possibility of showing a pinch-zoom button. The design is pretty and it's also easy to use. Its most appealing feature is Gesture, where you can draw a gesture that directly links to a default action or a website that…

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Gmail is the official app for Google e-mailing ser…

If there is one Android app which the most of the Android users love is Gmail for Android. Actually, it is difficult to imagine and Android device which is not integrated into Gmail since they have been thought and designed for it. And it actually offers heaps of advantages for Android users: e-mail pushed automatically to your phone, get notificat…

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Download ES File Explorer File Manager ES File Explorer File Manager icon
ES File Explorer File Manager

The fastest and easiest way to organize files on y…

THE VERDICT ES File Explorer/Manager Pro provides you with the ultimate solution to organize, rename, move and add files to new directories. Finally, you can get things organized on your mobile device without having to jump through hoops. It's easy to use and quite useful. THE PROS It does a lot of things that mobile device users need done, thus ha…

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hike messenger

Privacy-first messenger app, very popular in India

THE VERDICT hike messenger is a super popular communication app in India, designed specifically with the Indian market in mind. It's privacy-first, so you can only be seen and contacted by the people that you allow to be on your list. Hide private chats behind a password so that no one can snoop, even if they have your phone. Tons of stickers and e…

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Download 9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs 9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs  icon
9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs

9GAG is a hilarious meme-sharing social network

Believe me: this app can make your day when you are stressed or even sad. Just open it and start scrolling down. Take a look at those memes, smile with some, rofl with the rest. If you feel like, sign up and upload your own creations. You'll soon start receiving "likes" "dislikes" (points) and comments on it. Download your favorite pics to your dev…

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Download MP3 Video Converter MP3 Video Converter icon
MP3 Video Converter

Quick and clean conversation of video files to MP3…

Want to turn video files stored on your device into MP3 or AAC files? This MP3 Video Converter is exactly what you were looking for. Various types of video are supported, including 3GP, FLV, MP4 and more. Configure bitrate and metadata (title, album, artist) as you please. You can even integrate it into an app. Careful, only ARMv7 and higher is sup…

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SoundCloud - Music & Audio

Free streaming audio sorted by genre and artist, p…

THE VERDICT Soundcloud's app is as fun and easy to use as ever. It's overflowing with beats fresh from the oven for every taste in music, and the material design is just sleek as can be, allowing you to seamlessly swap between searching for specific tracks/artists and browsing at random based on genre and related sounds. It's the very best of strea…

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ASUS Email

A capable and comprehensive email client from ASUS

THE VERDICT ASUS Email brings an email app to you bursting with different features and solid performance. Manage multiple email inboxes across any mobile device all in one place. You can combine them all into one inbox or manage messages by grouping them, and these are just a couple of the good number of features available with ASUS Email. THE PROS…

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Download CM Backup - Safe,Cloud,Speedy CM Backup - Safe,Cloud,Speedy icon
CM Backup - Safe,Cloud,Speedy

Backup and restore your phone's data to the cloud

THE VERDICT It's true that there are hundreds of backup apps out there. However, some fall short regarding features and others are far from being user-friendly. CM Backup is a well-balanced app with a neat interface and all the functionality one might expect. Thus, you can easily pick the type of data you want to backup (contacts, SMS, call logs,…

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Evaluate photos of nearby users and meet your matc…

THE VERDICT If you haven't been living in a dark, dank cave for the past couple years, you know about Tinder. Perhaps you've even used it a time or two - what do you have to lose? Oh, you say you have swiping blisters on your thumb? You'll get no sympathy from me, bub. Quick-pic hookups require sacrifice, my friend. Ingenious card-swiping UI that t…

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Download Layout from Instagram: Collage Layout from Instagram: Collage icon
Layout from Instagram: Collage

Create collages using this official Instagram phot…

THE VERDICT Layout from Instagram is the latest app from the popular photography platform. This app allows you to create and share collages with friends and family, without having to turn to other 3rd party apps. Just as we had hoped, Layout from Instagram is really easy to use. You just have to select up to 9 photos from the gallery (or even take…

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