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Download Aqualert:Water Reminder H2O Aqualert:Water Reminder H2O icon
Aqualert:Water Reminder H2O

A handy way to closely monitor your water intake

THE VERDICT Are you looking for a handy way to track your water intake? Well, look no further. With Aqualert: Water Reminder, you can set your intake requirements and then go about your day. You will receive notifications throughout the day reminding you to drink your water. With adjustable daily goals and handy graphics, expect to get some real us…

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Download Followers+ for Instagram Followers+ for Instagram icon
Followers+ for Instagram

Lets you track followers lost and gained, and for…

THE VERDICT Followers+ has a great looking interface. It tracks followers lost and gained, and gives you a few other insights. To gain most of the information, such as as engagement info and other insights you'll have to pay. The app was difficult to control at times THE PROS The app looks great, very well designed visually. It tells you the number…

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Download Strava Running and Cycling GPS Strava Running and Cycling GPS icon
Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Runners and cyclist will love this intuitive and m…

THE VERDICT Runners and cyclists are massive fans of the the Strava app, and it’s clear to see why. Whether you're competing with yourself for a new personal best, or vying against strangers who are quicker than you, Strava brings the competition home. A great interface and strong community make this app truly worth it. THE PROS Strava has a truly…

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Download Free music for YouTube: Stream Free music for YouTube: Stream icon
Free music for YouTube: Stream

Stream allows you to search for and queue up your…

THE VERDICT Instead of charging you so you can stream your favorite songs, Stream: free music for YouTube lets you listen to songs already available for free on YouTube. All you need to do is search for your favorite artists, and start creating your own playlist. Once you’re ready, you can start playing the music in a pop-up video player that will…

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Download Antutu 3DBench Antutu 3DBench icon
Antutu 3DBench

A way to test your device's 3D rendering capabilit…

THE VERDICT Antutu 3DBench provides you with a way to test the 3D rendering capabilities of your mobile device. Once you install it, it will pull up a 3D graphical engine and test - or benchmark - your performance. THE PROS It's great for people looking to test the performance of their device. It has a small footprint, loads up quickly, and doesn't…

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Download Yelp Yelp icon

Yelp is a mix of a location-based social network a…

There's been decades since the first city guide was released. Since then its format has changed but in essence it was the same. However, thanks to smartphones we all have a geolocator in our pockets and, we all are connected. What does it mean? The unidirectional era (guide editor - user) has finished, we can get reviews, recommendations, advises a…

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Download Nickelodeon Play Nickelodeon Play icon
Nickelodeon Play

For fans of current programming on Nickelodeon, th…

THE VERDICT Nickelodeon Play is really a collection of everything that makes Nickelodeon great, from games and short clips to original videos and full-length shows. Most of the content centers around the newer Nickelodeon from today instead of the old school stuff. THE PROS There is so much content here that you will never run out of anything to lo…

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Download Struts 2 Web Server Scanner Struts 2 Web Server Scanner icon
Struts 2 Web Server Scanner

Protect your device from hackers working the S2-02…

Struts 2 Web Server Scanner is a niche security app for folks working with the Apache Struts 2 component, which powers some web servers. The S2-020 flaw allows hackers to potentially steal data, which could means passwords, bank information, and so on. This app scan your recent web history to check if you've visited any sites that might have been a…

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Download MEGA v1 (superceded) MEGA v1 (superceded) icon
MEGA v1 (superceded)

Official app for Mega storage service

The story so far told us that Mister Dotcom, hero for some and villain for a few, went away and came back, perhaps not so strong as he was but wittier and wiser. Mega replaces the old Megaupload, that website where you stored your personal photos and back ups (pun, wink, wink) and this app allows you to manage your 50 Gb free Mega account from your…

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Download Photo Editor Color Effect Photo Editor Color Effect icon
Photo Editor Color Effect

This color effect app for photos lets you modify c…

THE VERDICT The Color Effect Photo Editor allows you to play with the colors in any of your images. You can change it to black and white, change the background color, saturation levels, and add special effects. While the app is cool and does what it says it does, it does nothing different than similar apps. It has nothing original or unique that ma…

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Download BBC News BBC News icon
BBC News

BBC News is the official Android app of the news c…

There are lots of apps that stream different news sources like readers. However, there are always some sources we rely most because we're used to them or maybe because we agree with their editorial line. If that is what happen to you regarding BBC News, keep reading. BBC News is a news reader which only source is BBC. However, it streams BBC from d…

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Download Klings Klings icon

Play games, interact with others, and earn Klings…

THE VERDICT What's a Kling? A Kling is sort of like a token you earn while interacting with others and playing games through the Klings app. Once you get so many Klings, you can turn them in for a range of things including credits at the App Store and Google Play. Because the app also features games, sometimes you may even win more than you thought…

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