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Download ES Task Manager (Task Killer ) ES Task Manager (Task Killer ) icon
ES Task Manager (Task Killer )

Kill tasks and manage your apps to improve your An…

First you should know is that you need having ES File Explorer to run this app. This is an add-on that brings new features to that great file manager. ES Task Manager brings new features that improve your Android's performance and help you out to save battery by killing processes. It allows you to kill open apps one-by-one or by batches. What's mor…

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Download Screen Filter Screen Filter icon
Screen Filter

Screen Filter reduces the brightness of your scree…

As you change your location lot of times throughout the day, you don't always need your screen brightness at 100%. When you're soft-light places, you can reduce the brightness in order to save battery and protect your eyes. You can do it manually from the default settings to your Android, but it's a bit annoying doing it all the time. Thanks to scr…

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Download Battery Widget Reborn (Free) Battery Widget Reborn (Free) icon
Battery Widget Reborn (Free)

Battery Widget Reborn is a full-featured battery m…

Battery life is such a big issue on mobile devices that it's recommended to keep track of it properly. Tomas Hubalek's Battery Widget Reborn may be all you need to make it. This app comes with both a home screen (1x1) and a notification drawer widget which does much more than showing just the battery level. Thus, it adds some functionality like pow…

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Download Learn C++ Learn C++ icon
Learn C++

With 80 different lessons, you'll be making your o…

THE VERDICT In Learn C++, you do exactly that the name of the app says you do. You are instructed with 80 lessons, broken up into 8 levels, where you will learn about everything you need to create your own programs. You learn data types, arrays, pointers, conditional statements, loops, functions, classes and more. THE PROS While learning C++ can be…

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Download GoHeyWire Text FREE Texting GoHeyWire Text FREE Texting icon
GoHeyWire Text FREE Texting

This app gives you a number and lets you call and…

THE VERDICT The HeyWire app lets you text and call for free. It gives you a real U.S. phone number so other people can reach you too! It's easy to use and easy to figure out. One of the great things about HeyWire is that the other user doesn't need to have the app to receive the calls and texts. The app also features a photo editor and a meme maker…

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Download Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs icon
Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs

The newest and hottest viral images straight on yo…

THE VERDICT The Imgur app not only lets you browse through the most viral images on the net, it also allows you to upload from your phone, comment, vote, and manage your account. You can use filters, save items to your gallery, browse through other users galleries and profiles. The features available online are now available on the go. THE PROS Img…

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Download Secure Gallery(Pic/Video Lock) Secure Gallery(Pic/Video Lock) icon
Secure Gallery(Pic/Video Lock)

A handy way to keep certain pictures and files hid…

THE VERDICT Are you looking for a way to keep certain pictures, images and videos locked away from prying eyes? With Smart Gallery you can lock up your files and then manage them in specific folders. You can also hide the launch icon so that it isn't obvious the app is even on your device. THE PROS The user interface has a clean design and the the…

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Download Music Player Music Player icon
Music Player

A simple music player.

THE VERDICT Music Player for Android is a simple way to listen to your music from your mobile device. It provides a music source for all the content you need. Create playlists, shuffle music and listen to your heart's content. THE PROS The black menu design makes it easy to find what you are looking for. The music player has full functionality and…

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Download Tool for Google Photo, Picasa Tool for Google Photo, Picasa icon
Tool for Google Photo, Picasa

A useful tool for managing photos and videos

THE VERDICT Are you looking for another way to curate your photos and videos? If you are working with Google Photo or Picasa, this tool provides you with additional functionality that you would not otherwise have. THE PROS It's useful for those using Picasa and Google Photo. It also works as expected, with smooth performance, quick load times, low…

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Download Mobile Number Locator Mobile Number Locator icon
Mobile Number Locator

A handy way to find phone numbers based on locatio…

THE VERDICT Mobile Number Locator sets out to do exactly as its name implies. You input a mobile number and it attempts to locate it. It comes with a built-in location tracker and also provides access to caller ID. You can view your number list as a call log and access a 3D map to see where all the numbers are. THE PROS The darkly colored user inte…

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Download Friendcaster Friendcaster icon

Enjoy the Facebook experience as its best

FriendCaster for Facebook is an Android app that allows you to enjoy Facebook to the fullest. After installing the app, it will ask you to change the settings in order to customize FriendCaster to your taste. You can then login on Facebook and allow permissions in order for it to work properly. The application has a great design and it's very funct…

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Download GPS Status & Toolbox GPS Status & Toolbox icon
GPS Status & Toolbox

GPS Status & Toolbox will boost your GPS performan…

Is your GPS taking too long to set your current location? or maybe your GPS isn't as accurate as it should be? GPS Status & Toolbox came up to solve that annoying situation. It displays your GPS and sensor data. It truly enhances the speed and accuracy of the signal of your device's compass. It contains a compass with magnetic and true north, level…

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