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Made for just about every user who takes photos, F…

THE VERDICT There’s one word in the English dictionary that always grabs people’s attention: FREE. That’s exactly what you’ll find here in FreePrints for your iOS or Android device. Don’t worry about having to pay for a sneaky subscription fee or signing up for a certain amount of prints. With FreePrints, you’ll select the shots you want free print…

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Download Jorte Calendar & Organizer Jorte Calendar & Organizer icon
Jorte Calendar & Organizer

Set the important dates and create to do lists

Jorte is an Android application that allows you to organize all your tasks and important dates. After installing it, you can choose to use the Jorte Calendar (simple and doesn't interact with other services) or the Google Calendar. You can always switch modes. To use the Jorte Calendar, you just need to tap on a day, press on the button and start…

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Download Color Splash Effect Photo Edit Color Splash Effect Photo Edit icon
Color Splash Effect Photo Edit

Color Splash is a photo editor featuring splash ef…

Black and white photo and a colored item. You have seen that effects, haven't you? Well, you'll be able to easily apply that effect to your photos with Color Splash Effects. Just take a picture or choose one from your gallery. Select the tool and drag the object you one to paint, while leaving the rest black and white. Nevertheless, that's not the…

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Download IP Tools: Network utilities IP Tools: Network utilities icon
IP Tools: Network utilities

IP Tools is a powerful network utility suite for analyzing and adjusting networks. It allows quick detecting any computer network problems and boosting network performance. This is a must-have app for IT specialists and network administrators. The app combines the most popular network utilities usually found in Windows or Linux. They will help you…

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Download Power Toggles Power Toggles icon
Power Toggles

Power Controls allows you to created a customized…

Widget can contains between 2 and 8 customized toggle buttons, including WiFi, Screen brightness, Bluetooth, data connection, GPS or even tethering. Add as many toggle as you want (there are up to 14). You can set default button color, busy/unknown color and active color. Once done, enable it and it will be automatically add to your status bar. You…

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Download BAND BAND icon

An app for social animals

THE VERDICT BAND is an app for communication, pure and simple. Create communities of friends, families, or other people you have a shared interest with via messaging, photos, polls, and events. The graphics are well designed, and this app could replace the modes of communication you use now. We like it because it's easy and light. THE PROS One of t…

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Download ElectroDroid ElectroDroid icon

A comprehensive tool to learn Electronics.

To most people this application seems pointless. But for those studying or teaching electronics it may be the most essential and the best ever developed app, proving that there's a lot of room to imagine and create new and useful apps. The app's divided into three main features, set out in tabs: calculator, to help us with all those color codes, la…

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Download PicMix - Photos in Collages PicMix - Photos in Collages icon
PicMix - Photos in Collages

A collage making and photo editing app with a bunc…

THE VERDICT PicMix - Photos in Collages allows you to arrange your photos in cool collages or put different types of effects onto them. You will be able to tag friends, get creative then let the whole world see what you've done. Get collage happy. Get PicMix THE PROS There are a lot of photo effects to choose from in PicMix. The app has a small foo…

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Download Remote Link (PC Remote) Remote Link (PC Remote) icon
Remote Link (PC Remote)

A convenient way to control your devices and media

THE VERDICT Remote Link (PC Remote) turns your mobile device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control. Easily access the devices you need and put all of your PC's function at your fingertips. Media controls and touchpad functionality make this one remote that can't be beat. THE PROS It's nice to be able to use it as a mouse instead of a clicker, if…

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Download Lock Screen Lock Screen icon
Lock Screen

A one tap screen locker

No matter how fast software advances, it seems that we will have hardware issues for a long time, because manufacturers are dealing with odd profit margins and even odder off-shore policies. Therefore, hardware hasn't advanced as much as we'd like and it's been left as an also-ran in comparison with always-updated software. It's no surprise that sm…

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Download Easy Voice Recorder Easy Voice Recorder icon
Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is a simple and handy voice re…

It's true that some devices (or even custom ROMs) come without audio recorder app. Some others bring a too poor voice recorder regarding options, formats and sound quality. If that's your case, Easy Voice Recorder is what you need. Well, it doesn't bring thousands of options though: its added-value lies on simplicity. Easy Voice Recorder supports M…

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Download Music Player Pro Music Player Pro icon
Music Player Pro

A local music player for your mobile device

THE VERDICT Music Player Pro brings you native music support in a local app. It comes with handy widgets in multiple sizes and configurations. You'll also find all the equalizer settings you need right at your fingertips. Never lose track of which albums are which with album art. THE PROS The sound quality is impressive. Being able to choose your o…

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