American Sentinels #3



On September 1, 1939 at 4:45 am about 1.5 million German troops invaded Poland all along its 1,750 miles border with German controlled territory. The Germans Luftwaffe simultaneously bombed Polish airfields, and German warships and U-boats attacked Polish naval forces in the Baltic Sea. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler claimed the massive invasion was a defensive action, but Britain and France was not convinced. After their spies reported that German soldiers had discovered an alien spaceship in the Tatra Mountains, and that the spaceship was taken back to a top secret base in Germany, where Hitler’s top scientists worked on ways to use the advance technology to aid Hitler’s in his conquest. On September 3, 1939 Great Britain and France declared war on Germany, initiating World War II.
As the war progress, German force started gaining advantage on the battle field because of the strange weapons they equipped their soldiers with and on their aircraft. Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle open talks with Franklin D. Roosevelt on the potential threat on the United States if Hitler was not stop, Roosevelt agreed to loan a team of top scientist from Area 51 to help in Project Genesis, which was led by its founder Dr. Antos Genesis. The group purpose was to create super humans to fight Hitler’s and his Axis Powers Many people volunteered for a chance to fight for their country, but many men died during the intense experimentation, or they were horribly deformed or went mad. After Hitler’s forces attacked Russia, Joseph Stalin began working with the Genesis Project. Because some many had lost their lives in these experiments, Roosevelt was about to stop the Genesis Project, but on December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States entered World War II. After salvaging an intact Japanese plane, U.S. scientists discovered that the plane had some form of cloaking device, which would explain why the Japanese war planes were not detected until it was too late, Roosevelt ordered more funding and scientists on the Genesis Project. It was crucial that Genesis was successful because the Axis Powers were advancing all over Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Finally after thousands of failures, five brave Americans were transformed into super humans. Their code names are Major Victory, Justice, LT. Liberty, American Dream and Freedom and this team was called the American Sentinels.