An Reader - comic viewer



Not only read, you can write comment on it and share!

* can open jpg,png,gif,bmp,zip,cbz,rar,cbr format.
* can draw and share image to Line,hangouts,email....
* Private mode support. lock your private books.
(Cannot open locked book by AnReader without login, BUT, you can open it with other app)
* Support hight resolution image on high level devices.
(A4 300dpi 3500 x 2400 is OK on Samusng Note 8.0)
* Support windows share(CIFS)
* file association with jpg,png,gif,bmp,cbz,zip,can launch from file browser
* Bookcase
* 5 Bookmarks per book.
* can lock 5 books.
* can share 5 times.

< Following features is Full version only >Buy it in Help(?) Dialog
* can change password.
* unlimited book lock.
* unlimited bookmarks.
* unlimited share.

This app is design on Samsung Note 8.0

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