COMICLOUD Vol.3, No.12 English



This is the world first Manga Magazine exclusive for E-publishing. All the mangas in this book are provided only for COMICLOUD. Grab the real state-of-the-art comics coming from JAPAN!

[QUADRIFOGLIO 2 by Takeshi Okamoto]
Maya just had her 206 CC repaired but there's still something wrong, so she's brought it to Quadrifoglio. While Yotsuba, who has a cold coming on, checks it out, a girl wearing headphones and riding in the back of a Prius comes to the repair shop...
The books (Vol.1 - Vol.3) have been released.

[DEMENTIA 21 by Shintaro Kago]
This year again the season where we all happily wait for Santa's presents has finally come... or so we thought! The slightly demented Santa Clause is causing a lot of trouble throughout the town.
The books (Vol.1 - Vol.2) have been released.

[X-HUNTER RAY by Ryu-zin]
Maria's assault is in vain and she is captured by the Colonel, who employed an X-Rank app. Meanwhile, an Ehidora has infiltrated al-Dolbel's palace in search of Doctor Tsukishiro.

At the end of the year Bang-chan is even busier than usual. But nevertheless she just can't not take part in the Winter Comiket. That's probably because of her character as a manga artist! Will she be able to manage her overcrowded schedule?

[POCKET HUSBAND by Ichiro Hirai]
Rintaroh and Michiko set out on a luxurious journey by rail at the invitation of a king. In the dining car they meet a peculiar lady...

[NOBUNA-GIRL by Taro Matsumoto]
Deloris is fighting Natan one on one. Somewhere else a Moto warlock kidnapped the daughter of the village headman. She is to become a sacrifice for the summoning of the Four Heavenly Gods...

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