COMICLOUD Vol.4, No.7 English



This is the world first Manga Magazine exclusive for E-publishing. All the mangas in this book are provided only for COMICLOUD. Grab the real state-of-the-art comics coming from JAPAN!

[QUADRIFOGLIO 2 by Takeshi Okamoto]

Yotsuba finds herself pushed into a tight spot in the final lap of her race with Koji. She's down to her last chance, but will she take it? Yotsuba's race with Koji is down to the final lap! Which will prove the stronger: his theory or her unique power?
The books (Vol.1 - Vol.4) have been released.

[DEMENTIA 21 by Shintaro Kago]

All of a sudden Yukie is told that she's out of her job. She starts to suspect the report that she has no memory of and tries to find out the truth, but... Come to think of it, Yukie is a nurse and her daily efforts were evaluated. This splendid chapter brings us back to the beginnings of Dementia 21!
The books (Vol.1 - Vol.2) have been released.

[X-HUNTER RAY by Ryu-zin]

Something terrible happens while Natalie waits in Miabandul's home. Meanwhile, Maria, after her escape, has Belinda lead her to her mother. We finally get to see L and R in action, and Maria will reunite with her mother! Yet they find themselves in the midst of a growing tempest...


Manga artists sometimes travel in time when drawing a manga. Bang-chan is one of them. She even drags people around her into it and all ends up in a big reunion. I didn't know that my beloved big-breasted idols had such problems!! Lots of funny anecdotes about girls with big breasts!

[THE VIRGIN SWITCH by Mariko Yokoi]

Rika, a school girl, has fallen for an adult man, but her crush pulls her down to the depths of immorality... No boy can compete with a teenage girl's dream guy. Find out why in Mariko Yokoi's short erotic comedy, her fourth story for Comicloud!

[NOBUNA-GIRL by Taro Matsumoto]

Kakura and the villagers raid the mobsters' secret base. The villagers are increasingly charmed by Kakuras charismatic leadership. The villagers have become a plaything in Kakura's evil scheme. Hey, Azuba and Deloris! How will you fight against all those swordmasters appearing one after another?!

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