"Curse Of The Salmon" Horror



She gets pregnant fish's baby!!

Sujiko is a lovely high school girl who lives in Hokkaido. However, she hated grilled salmon. Because it is fishy.

By the way, Shakeko is rich girl in this town. Shakeko loved salmon. Because her father was salmon's aquaculture person. Shakeko intensely hated Sujiko. She cursed Sujiko by using the black magic!

Sujiko was attacked by salmon's egg monster for that. She gets pregnant salmon's egg monster's child.

Sujiko finally laid salmon's egg. The egg's face is like a human! Sujiko screamed and fainted!

Language is English.
Genre: Horror Comic
Pages: 28 (2 color, 26 b&w)
Author: Mori Kanda
Publisher: Hamster Books

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