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Put a smile on your face everyday. Daily Glub-glubs is a daily calendar of fun characters drawn and written by comic artist Alex Janzen.

Glub-glubs are dodgeball-sized aliens from the planet called Doodle-dood World. Every day, you can see a new Glub-glub and some (sometimes funny) information about it. Think "daily comic meets super-hero doodle."

See all the Glub-glubs posted since September 1, 2011.

Each Glub-glub includes a picture, some descriptive stats, and an often comical description. Each day you will receive a menu-bar notification indicating that you have a new Glub-glub. Use the menu to toggle on and off the daily notifications.

More information about Glub-glubs is available at glub-glubs.chargedcomics.com

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