Guns & Destruction


Guns & Destruction's review


A gun simulation and 3D action game.

  • Lots of guns
  • Realistic effects and weapons
  • Good-looking environment
  • Low reusability
  • Needs something extra
  • Screen glitches

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"Do You Have A Gift For Guns?"


Guns puts you behind the pistol. This simulation game gives you a

wealth of weapons to choose from and then puts you in charge of destroying things in your environment. It's more of simulator in that you don't interact with others or have a clear objective.


There's a lot of guns to choose from. The sound effects are realistic and compliment the gameplay well. The 3D training environment is well-rendered. The guns also look realistic and respond appropriately to user input.


The game has low reusability because you can run around and just shoot guns for only so long. It needs an additional element to make it more engaging. While shooting the helicopter with the RPG, the screen flashed once.

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by William

May 28, 2015

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