Liberty Meadows Collection

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    This app is a complete collection of famous comics, Liberty Meadows. Browse through unlimited strips. Frank Cho syndicated Liberty Meadows from 1997 through 2001. He also published it as a stand-alone comic book until 2004 and again in 2006. This comic fought with its syndicates more than most others since those newspapers require G-rated material. PG at most. They ban bad words, scantily-clad characters, and sex—and Liberty Meadows indulges diabetically in all three. The humor is more or less the same as the old Looney Tunes shorts: fast-paced and ridiculously slapstick, with the characters beating each other with a variety of hilarious weapons. The stories follow various anthropomorphic animals rehabilitating at Liberty Meadows Animal Hospital under the care of the two head vets, Frank and Brandy. A common source of comedy is that Frank is in love with Brandy, but doesn’t have the nerve to ask her out. Cho is well known for a lot of work besides this strip, and most includes unbelievably proportioned women, usually dressed in as little as possible (which may explain why the newspaper syndicates had a problem with Liberty Meadows). Brandy is the most famous of all Cho’s female characters. The artist was inspired to draw her based on Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) and Bettie Page. She is roommates with Jen, who is built precisely the same, but with blonde hair and a mole. She is also the polar opposite of Brandy in personality: Brandy is polite and unassuming, while Jen is the world’s most brazen flirt and a fan of extreme fetishism. Then there’s Ralph, this lister’s favorite character. He’s a midget circus bear with an almost perpetual squint, a mad genius of mechanical engineering who has been rescued from the death-defying daredevilry that he can now no longer live without. His best friends are Leslie the Bullfrog and Dean the (Male Chauvinist) Pig, who is always trying (and failing) to pick up chicks at the bar. There’s also Julius, the owner of the sanctuary. His life’s goal is to catch Khan, the baddest catfish in the Milky Way (“Wrath of Khan” homages galore). And Brandy’s pets, Truman the duck and Oscar the dachsund. Cho himself makes many appearances as a chimpanzee. It’s hard to say what the best single storyline is, but the one in which Ralph switches Frank and Dean’s brains is definitely a contender.