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A huge library of Marvel digital comic books

  • Zoom function
  • Free comics
  • Clean user interface design
  • Needs to be DRM-free
  • Missing comics
  • Scroll lag

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Are you tired of going to the comic shop and spending hours rifling through endless boxes of comics? Now, with Marvel Comics, you can access a vast library of digital comic books. With a huge library of comics at your fingertips, you'll be reading for hours and hours.


A handy zoom function allows you to see small details. Being able to get free comics ratchets up user engagement. The user interface is designed well and is quite navigable. Cloud storage of your purchases makes for easy backing up of your purchases.


It would be a richer experience if it was DRM-free and allowed for comic archiving. There may be a problem with already purchased comics disappearing. There was some scroll lag.

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by William

Dec 18, 2015

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