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Now you can create your own memes too!!
We integrated a very cool feature in the last update. Create new memes and send them as images with WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail or any other sharing plattform!
Publish your creations to the community and get rated ;)

Meme Directory is a meme reader and reader (new!) that lets you navigate, watch and rate in a social
and amusing way all the funniest internet memes.
The funniest way to enjoy memes and advice animals on your Android Device.


- Daily updated memes
- Memes creator (new feature!)
- Publish your memes and get rated (new feature!)
- Amazing loading speed
- Nice layouts with dynamic loading and pull-to-refresh support
- Auto-play function in viewer mode
- Save images to device
- Share memes on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, E-mail and other social networks.
- Rate each meme
- Featured Gallery: read the latest memes, updated everyday.
- Popular Gallery: To provide you with the best rated images of the week, the month or ever.
- Memes Gallery: Navigate each meme and select your favourites for easy access
- Optimized for landscape and full tablet support

List of memes:
- 10 guy
- Advice God
- Advice Yoda
- Advice Hitler
- All The Things
- Annoying Facebook Girl
- Bad Luck Bryan
- Bender IMHO
- Butthurt Dweller
- Chemistry Cat
- Chuck Norris
- Conspiracy Keanu
- Desk Flip Guy
- Downvoting Roman
- Dwight Shrute
- Family Guy Maid Consuela
- First World Problems
- Forever Alone
- Foul Bachelor Frog
- Futurama Fry
- Good Guy Greg
- Insanity Wolf
- Reddit Husband
- Jackie chan
- Me Gusta
- Overly Manly Man
- Paranoid Parrot
- Philosoraptor
- Racist Dog
- Rage FU
- Scumbag Steve
- Socially Awkward Penguin
- Success Kid

...and many, many more!

Have fun!

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