Terrify your friends!!!



You want to play a trick on your friend? "Terrify your friends" is the right app to do so!

Shock them in 2 steps:

- Set the number of seconds after which you want to terrify your friend and press on Start Counter button.
- The Volume is set to Maximum value (in the end, the previous Media Volume is restored).
- Pass your phone to your friend.

A pop-up, on transparent screen, will be shown; also the phone will vibrate so your friend will focus on the phone. No matter which button he/she will press, a terrifying picture, along with a horrifying scream, will be displayed.

- Great for playing a joke on your friends, brother, sister, classmates or co-workers;
- Realistic app interface;
- A Demo is available in About screen;
- A great last screen.

Note: This app is intended for pranking entertainment.

Disclaimer: In order to give you a free app and keep developing more free apps in the future, this app may contain some advertisement. Thank you and please enjoy this sexy app for free!

Attention!!! NOT recommended on people with heart problems!!!

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