The Foolish Turtle -Kids Story



The foolish turtle

Page 1: Once upon a time there lived a turtle in a jungle near a small pond. That small pond was his whole world. He used to play in the water. He got the food and water from that pond and lived nearby.

Page 2: Slowly and gradually the pond started drying. The turtle got worried. The water level was going down. Ultimately the pond got dried completely. Now the turtle had to move somewhere else.

Page 3: One fine day two swans came to visit the turtle. They were good friends of the turtle. The turtle was sad. The swans asked the reason why he was so upset.

Page 4: The turtle said, “Friends! This pond got dried over the period of time. I used to get my food and water from this pond. Now I have to move to some other pond.”

Page 5: Suddenly an idea came to his mind and he became happy. He shared his idea with the swans and said, “Hey friends! You can help me in this matter.” The swans got surprised and asked him how they can help him.

Page 6: The turtle continued, “Friends! You arrange a long stick. I will hold the stick from center with my mouth. Both of you hold it from the two ends with your mouths and fly and take me to some other pond.”

Page 7: The swans liked the idea but one of them warned the turtle, “But friend, you need to be quiet all the time. If you opened your mouth, you will fall on the ground and will get hurt.” The turtle agreed.

Page 8: They implemented the turtle’s idea and held the stick with the turtle and started flying. They were going higher and higher and started searching the other pond.

Page 9: They were flying quite high in the sky. Suddenly some children saw them flying. One of them said, “Look there! The swans are so clever that they are carrying a turtle with them.”

Page 10: The turtle heard this. He did not like to hear this because it was his own idea that swan are carrying him. He got annoyed.

Page 11: He forgot that he was holding the stick with his mouth and flying with the swans. As he opened his mouth to clarify that it was his own idea he lost the grip over the stick…

Page 12: …and fell down on the ground and broke his head. The moral of the story is “sometimes it is wise to keep the mouth shut in the sensitive and delicate situations.”

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