The Lion and The Mouse - Story



The Lion and The Mouse

Once upon a time there lived a lion in a jungle. He was the king of jungle. He was very powerful. One day cool breeze was blowing and he was fast asleep outside his den under a tree.

A mouse lived in a hole nearby the lion’s den. He came out of his hole and saw the lion sleeping. He thought to do some mischief with the sleeping lion.

He quietly went near the lion and checked if he is fast asleep or not. The mouse got assured and climbed on the lion’s back and started jumping upon him.

The jumping mouse soon awakened the lion. The lion got very angry when he saw the mouse jumping on his back. The lion held the mouse tight in his huge paws and got ready to eat him.

The mouse got frightened and said, “I am very sorry lion. I will never do this again. Please let me go. I promise I will help you whenever you got in some trouble.

The lion laughed very loud to hear the mouse. Lion said, “Little mouse! I am so powerful and huge and you are so small and week. What help can you do for me?” “OK, let us see what you will do for me” said the lion and released the mouse.

One day a hunter came in the jungle and he threw a net upon the lion to capture him. The lion tied in the net so badly that he was not able to move at all.

After tying the lion hunter went away in search of food. Just then the mouse passed by the lion. He saw the lion tied in a net.

The mouse ran to him and asked what happened. The lion told the whole story very sadly. He said, “In no time the hunter would be back and take me with him.” The mouse felt pity on the lion.

The mouse said’ “don’t worry lion, my teeth are very sharp and I will cut the net in no time and you will be free forever. The mouse started to cut the ropes of the net.

Soon the mouse cut the entire net and made the lion able to get out of it. The lion came out of the net happily and thanked the mouse for his great help. The little mouse was very happy to help the lion.

The mouse was very happy that he kept his promise. The lion again thanked him for his great deed. They became friends after that.

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