3G Battery Saver Pro + WiFi BT



"3G Battery Saver Pro" / "InternetScheduler Pro" is a new 3-in-one app that lets you to set a schedule for 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth, saving a lot of battery.

(Notice: 3G activation/deactivation is not available in devices with Android 5/Lollipop due to Google limitations in such version)


* 3G scheduling (GSM & CDMA supported)
* WiFi scheduling
* Bluetooth scheduling (schedule it for when you drive your car to go to work)
* Periodical connection during ON Periods (connect X minutes every Y minutes) to sync your emails for example, with all frequency combinations that you need
* Option to activate automatically your 3G/WiFi network when you turn on the device's screen
* Option to force a data synchronization when your 3G or WiFi network is connected
* Big battery saving
* Completely flexible weekly programming, infinite combinations!
* Sleep without annoying sound alerts
* Helps to limit your 3G expenditure
* Big electromagnetic waves minimization around you
* Extremely easy to use and intuitive
* No limitations or ads

PURCHASE it now for VERY LITTLE money!

Suggestions/Comments/Bugs: jmpdroids@gmail.com

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