AIVC (Alice)


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An assistant that's never there when you need it...

  • Works well
  • Carries out commands
  • Warm, friendly voice
  • Scarce design
  • Includes ads
  • Can't stay open in the background

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"A basic assistant"


Alice wants to be your personal assistant. If you're currently looking for someone to take charge of your personal tasks automatically, perhaps downloading this app would be a good idea. We've come across much more accurate and effective assistants, Alice, however, is worth a try. It's pretty precise when it comes to voice detection, and it can offer possible actions in response to your commands.


Alice has a friendly voice that's easy on the ear, so if that's your main concern this app is a good choice. If you're also looking for efficiency, Alice can deliver. We've tested it out with various questions and statements, and the truth is that it processes everything pretty accurately. We've also tried more basic commands, such as a making calls, sending messages, opening apps, and carrying our searches. The results are always positive.


The design of the app is not that appealing. If that wasn't enough, it includes ads that are distracting, and it can't stay open in the background while you do other things, which means that it's not available at short notice which is normally when you most need it.

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by Cecília

Aug 07, 2015

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