Antenna Level Check



Do you always want to know the signal strength of your device at any time?
And how about the signal strength in a particular store?
You always want to know but you always have no exact answer.
This 【Antenna Level Check】program is able to provide real-time detection on signal strength and show the result in percentage intuitively.
And there are 4 designs of button: chestnut cake, cake, Macaron and Dorayaki.
You can enjoy more fun by choosing your favorite cookies which can be shown in the shortcut on the homepage.

・Signal strength is shown in numerical form.(mobile or WiFi)
・Four button designs.
・Detection can be conducted directly on desktop through Shortcut.

※It may happen that the program is unable to detect the signal strength according to different types of devices.
※When the signal strength shows 0%, please enter into 「Settings」「Phone info→ status」as it shows in your device. Then you can see change in value.

In order to improve our apps, please feel free to contact us anytime by sending an email at "".
Please let us know the problem, your phone model and version of Android you use. We are trying our best to solve the problems of our products and services to further improve it. Thank you for your support

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