A.Turn On My Ringer

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    Tired of missing calls because your ringer is off? This app automatically turns the ringer volume back on for you. You can set the delay such as 5 minutes while you finish talking to someone, 30 minutes until a meeting is over, or however long. You can set the restoration volume too. This app runs in the background. Once you start the app then it will runs in the background. It also starts automatically when you power on your phone. When your volume gets turned off - however that happens! - then it waits the specified time and then turns it back on for you. Don't miss another call. A.Turn On My Ringer also provides a home screen app widget. This allows quickly seeing the volume as well as adjusting it. To add a widget one can use the Applications menu and choose "Widgets" on newer Android phones or long press on the background of the home screen and then choose "widgets" on older phones. Please email us with any questions or comments.

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