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    Are you frustrated by the latest craze to abbreviate everything in text messaging ? Not to worry, Babel Bot will take care of you. Just install Babel Bot and any text message looking like this : LOL will be transformed into this (Laughing Out Loud). Simple.

    Pre-Installed Babel's :

    BabelBot comes preinstalled with 1,791 babels to cover the majority of babels you may encounter. Making it possible to install BabelBot without any configuration and begin seeing text messages transformed.

    Dictionary :

    Don't like the pre-installed babels or need to add one that is missing ? Not a problem, BabelBot enables adding, editing and deleting babels from an easy to use interface.

    Settings :

    Allows the flexibility of shutting BabelBot off/on or removing the parenthesis around the translated text.

    Other features include :

    A peg count of babels translated
    Sleek and easy to use user interface

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