BearContact++ is the premium version of BearContact. If you are not sure of the purchasing, please try the free version first.

▌Unique features
• Android can only save 500 calls, we can make it to unlimited. (turn on "Auto Backup" and "Display Backup" in setting)
• Mark your call logs in calendar
• Cool call log statistics and analysis
• SMS & Call Log Integration

▌UI Language
• English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Ελληνικά, Русский, Türkçe, العربية, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, 한국어

▌Timeline (BearContact++ ONLY)
• Pretty cool way to review your whole communication history, including calls and sms
• You can move the timeline to any month, to get the communication summary of that month. Further more, you can review your call or sms diary of that month.

▌Login Password (BearContact++ ONLY)
• Need a password to launch this app
• High security, high privacy protection

▌Private Mode (BearContact++ ONLY)
• Only BearContact++ can access your call logs
• High privacy protection

▌Sms Diary (BearContact++ ONLY)
• New experience of browsing sms, this is the best way to flashback your messages

▌Sms Statistics & Analysis (BearContact++ ONLY)
• Sms summary
• Sms in Last Year
• Top 10 Contacts by Sms
• Top 10 Months by Sms
• Top 10 Days by Sms

▌General Features
• No ads, no distraction;
• Mark your call logs in calendar
• Call log statistics and analysis
• Simple enough
• Long press setting items to show details
• Organize call logs as conversations
• Confirm before phone call, no more accidental calls.
• Encrypt call logs and backup them to SD card automatically
• Save more than 500 call logs on your device (check "Auto Backup" and "Display Backup" in setting)
• Display location of phone numbers (only works in Mainland China)
• SMS & Call Log Integration: Display call logs and sms in one single list. You don't need to switch between different lists or apps anymore
• Language Setting: Select a language other than system default for this app
• Theme Setting
• Menu Wheel: Screen is too big? can't reach the top of a menu? Flip up from bottom to activate our menu wheel.

▌Call Log Statistics & Analysis
• Calls Summary
• Calls in Last Year
• Duration in Last Year
• Top 10 Callers by Calls
• Top 10 Callers by Duration
• Top 10 Months by Calls
• Top 10 Months by Duration
• Top 10 Calls by Duration

▌Contact me
• Email -
• FAQ -

Thanks for the localization by the following users, you guys rock!
Turkish - Cengiz BAYRAK

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