Bluejabb IM XMPP Trial

Bluejabb IM XMPP Trial

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A full featured XMPP(Jabber) Secure OTR/TOR Client with the availability to send self-destructing messages and pictures

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. Multiple accounts management support
. Connect on start up to a default account
. Predefined accounts on public XMPP servers, GTalk and well-known communities ( Facebook chat, Nimbuzz,,. . . )
. PLAIN TEXT, IQ-AUTH and SASL authentication
. Socket and HTTP connection (Polling/Binding)
. TLS /old SSL support
. TOR (Orbot required)
. Multiple File transfer strategy (XEP-0095, XEP-0096 and XEP-0065) and user defined proxies or use Dropbox .
. Setup login status, logout message, resource and priority
. Use account for chat room use only
. Stream management (XEP-0198) fully implemented ( Acks and Resumption)


. Create, remove, activate/deactivate and edit your contacts
. Manage a black list locally or on server if server provides black list management
. Set a contact as VIP
. Set notification on presence standard/VIP contact status change (Popup alert, sound, vibrate,. . . )
. Sort your roster by your defined groups,status or IM gateways
. Contacts multiple selection mode for "group commands" (Send message, Search VCard, . . . )
. Group contacts by status ,user-defined group or by IM gateways
. Customizable quickbar
. Set a predefined command on long press on a contact


. OTR (Off-the-record) conversation encryption
. Archive conversation locally or send it by email.
. Use Dropbox for transfer media content if XMPP file transfer is unavailable
. Set notification on message reception from standard/VIP contact (Popup alert,. . . )
. Chat states (XEP-0085)
. Message carbons (XEP-280)
. Correct a sent message . Last Message correction (XEP-308)
. Acknowledgment of receipt (XEP-0184)
. Message Archive Management (XEP-313)
. Start conference, invite contacts in a group chat
. Multiple display format : Bubble, classic, . .

Group chat

. Browse conference services
. Search chat rooms using keyword
. Import/export your chat room bookmark
. Edit chat room in your bookmark
Auto-connect when login
Accept or deny private chat from chat room
Automatically Re-enter on kick
"On enter" and "On leave" message
. Create private, public,temporally chat room
. Enter IRC channel if server provides IRC gateway and store it in the bookmark
. Show occupants,start private chat, kick or ban
. Filter messages by user
. Invite contacts in chat room


. Automatic current server's gateways discovery
. Register/Unregister gateway
. Add public gateway provided by other servers
. Dynamically login/logout from gateway when you are connected


. Dark and Light theme
. Share message, link or media received by IM
. Create predefined messages
. Archive conversations and chat rooms locally
. Launch internet browser if a message/conversation/chat room contains an URL or forward it to ReadItLater
. Display directly a received multimedia file (image/audio/video) in a simple message and conversation
. Data low consumption mode
. Archive locally your account contacts
. Automatically reconnect when connection is accidentally lost. Active conversations and chat rooms will be automatically restored
. Customizable user interface (Screen transitions, . . . . )
. Customizable shortcuts menu
. Built-in server XMPP services explorer
. Set your presence status globally or by contact
. Publish your mood (XEP-0107) and your location(XEP-0080)
. Track contact's location
. Setup auto-away timeout, status and text
. Set on "Automatic presence subscription" mode
. Built-in bots management : create most used commands
. Items saved in a history for later use (Status texts, chat room's nicknames, ,. . . )
. Add and customize background notifications for events needing acknowledge(Add contact, file transfer, errors, . . . )
. Sleep mode with auto-reply

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Recently changed in this version

. Some UI changes

Bug fixed
. Notification settings for chat and attention messages was buggy

Comments and ratings for Bluejabb IM XMPP Trial
  • (53 stars)

    by Thomas G. on 22/06/2014

    Powerful tool, but GUI too cluttered, CPU usage too high on my device, too expensive.

  • (53 stars)

    by Geary Shull on 29/05/2014

    I will upgrade to five stars once the otr between Pidgin and Blue are fixed. The OTR itself works, but the verofication between the two always fails.

  • (53 stars)

    by Dean Kujan on 20/04/2014

    As powerful as the well known clients on PC platforms .Lot of UI and XMPP options. Customized the app to meet my needs .MUC fully supported, powerful gateways manager and service explorer, Stream management, Carbon, OTR, BOSH,archiving chat and MUC. OTR/TOR in Facebook chat is a must have.

  • (53 stars)

    by Fuksen Liem on 09/04/2014

    The interface..... the setting...... the confused

  • (53 stars)

    by Sean Patrick on 10/03/2014

    At first glance it looks hella cool and loaded with useful features. After spending hours wrestling with a spiderweb of a UI and menu options that make no logical sense you'll want your life back. Also, for the security conscious, it's very easy to misconfigure the mesh of encryption and security settings and accidentally compromise things.

  • (53 stars)

    by floxrin1 on 09/01/2014

    but after a bit of checking around and figuring out, the app is pretty good. Still think the UI is really bad, but that's secondary to functionality... I rated again and probably will buy the full version

  • (53 stars)

    by Pál Kala on 23/12/2013

    First connection worked, after that no connection is possible. New version displays trial is over. UI is a nightmare. Worthless piece of junk.