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Automatically enables the Bluetooth when making a call or receiving a call and sets a disablement timer to turn off the Bluetooth when the call is completed to help save on battery life.

Unlike similar applications Bluetooth Management allows the user to choose how long the Bluetooth should stay on each time it enables the Bluetooth. Bluetooth Management displays a timer in the notification letting you know exactly how long before it will disable the Bluetooth. This gives the user the ability to cancel the timer to keep the Bluetooth enabled.

Custom timers allow you to set a specific time on how long the Bluetooth should stay on if a Bluetooth Headset or Device is not connected. So if you don't have your Headset with you, it can turn off the Bluetooth before your call ends saving your precious battery life.

Special options like "Stay Connected" will keep your Bluetooth on after your Headset has connected even after your call ends. This will allow you make another call or jump back to playing music without having to reconnect your headset.

Bluetooth Management is also aware of wired headsets. If it detects that a wired headset with microphone is connected at the time of a call, it won't bother turn on the Bluetooth.

Most importantly Bluetooth Management wants to help you save your battery life. It monitors the device for when it reaches a critical battery level and can stop automatically turning on your Bluetooth and even disable it even if you have a Bluetooth headset connected. Unlike some other similar applications Bluetooth Management does not create any long running services to monitor your device. So it won’t be eating up precious CPU and Battery by running this application.

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Paid Version has more options!
-Stay Connected (Keeps Bluetooth on when a headset is connected)
-Auto on when charging
-Custom timer length
-Manually cancel disable timer
-Disable Bluetooth when battery is low
-Turn off toast pop-ups
-Turn off the notification icon

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