Brief FTP Pro



Brief FTP Pro
Brief FTP Pro is an app which is used on
mobile phone to download files from ftp sites. It makes it easily to download files
from ftp.
We had better talk about it in a
detailed way.
1. When you load in this app, you
need to click RUNNING to start FTP server. Next you can get a ftp site address,
such as:
2. In order to keep safe, you had
better to set a username and password. The password can be displayed or not.
You can set as you like.
3. Want to know more about the advanced
settings? You must input a port number that is agreed with your computer, and build
a folder which is use to stay the files from ftp sites. Sometimes the port
number is not accepted by your computer, you can’t open your files or SD card,
so you need change one which is agreed by your computer.
4. You must input the ftp site
address above in the address bar of my computer. Then you gain a view of your
SD card, even you can manage you files.
Every one wants to get files from
ftp sites easily and simply. If you use mobile phone to connect ftp sites, you
must to get a good tool to help you connect the ftp sites.
There are many free ftp sites and ftp
app for mobile phones, you may have use a lot of tools to download the files
from ftp, if you have not found a good one, I hope this one I recommend to you
will help you in your daily life.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a
standard network protocol applied to transfer files from one host to another
host over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet.
FTP is built on a client-server
architecture and uses divided control and data connections between the client
and the server. FTP users can authenticate themselves using a clear-text
sign-in protocol, typically in the form of a username and password, but can
connect anonymously if the server allows it. For secure transmission that hides
the username and password, and encrypts the content, FTP is usually secured
with SSL/TLS ("FTPS"). SSH File Transfer Protocol is sometimes also
applied instead.
The server responds through the
control connection with three-digit status codes in ASCII with an optional text
message. For instance, "200" means that the last command was
successful. The number is on the behalf of the code for the response and the
optional text represents a human-readable explanation or request. An ongoing
transfer of file data over the data connection could be aborted using an
interrupt message sent over the control connection.
FTP may run in active or passive
mode, which decides how the data connection is established. In active mode, the
client produces a TCP control connection to the server and sends the server the
client's IP address and an arbitrary client port number, and then waits until
the server initiates the data connection through TCP to that client IP address
and client port number. In situations where the client behinds a firewall and
unable to accept incoming TCP connections, passive mode can be used.

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