Bulk Messenger



Bulk Messenger allows 2-way communication (via SMS or Email), and can reach recipients at most wireless carriers globally.

This application provide an effective way to communicate, using mobile technology as a medium to convey a message in an effective and simple manner to reach a large group of people, using Email and SMS.

This application allows you to create and save groups and templates.
These templates allow you to use tags (placeholders) such as [_name_] that will be replaced by the person's name to address each contact in the group on a personal level.

Key Features:
- Create and Save Groups with ease, by ticking the contacts in the list.
- Create and Save Template messages to send.
- Send Personalized messages to large groups of people.
- Works on just about any mobile carrier globally.
- Edit the selected message template before sending.
- Send SMS and Email messages in bulk.
- No Subscriptions or Credits needed.

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