Download SMS Prontas - 15mil frases! SMS Prontas - 15mil frases! icon

SMS Prontas - 15mil frases!

15 mil frases modelo para SMS, divididas em 102 categorias, incluindo:...

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Free 8.2 15.6K

8.2 Users
Download Habit Browser Habit Browser icon

Habit Browser

Habit Browser is a feature-rich Web browser. You can use easily lightl...

Similar app: Habit Browser classic

Free 8.6 7.1K

8.6 Users
Download Sliding SMS (CM Messaging) Sliding SMS (CM Messaging) icon

Sliding SMS (CM Messaging)

Stock CM10 messaging app with sliding conversation UI. For Kit Kat, Je...

Similar app: Sliding Messaging Pro

Free 8.6 5.3K

8.6 Users
Download Web Browser for Android Wear Web Browser for Android Wear icon

Web Browser for Android Wear

The internet, less than an arm's length away! WIB, the Android W...

Similar app: Wear Mail Client for Gmail

Free 7.8 5.5K

7.8 Users
Download Video Chat Free Video Chat Free icon

Video Chat Free

This is the best guide of Video Chat Free. Prepared to take your talki...

Similar app: Video Chat Online App (Guide)

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7.6 Users
Download Full Screen Caller ID Full Screen Caller ID icon

Full Screen Caller ID

This is the original Android Full Screen Caller ID with more than 2 Mi...

Similar app: Full Screen HD Caller ID Pro

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8 Users
Download Corom Browser for Android Corom Browser for Android icon

Corom Browser for Android

We make it Corom. You make it your own. Meet our most customizable And...

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Download Edge Notification Color caller Edge Notification Color caller icon

Edge Notification Color caller

Do you like edge phones, with this application you can make your phone...

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Download Simkad Ajaib BESTMobile Simkad Ajaib BESTMobile icon

Simkad Ajaib BESTMobile

Apps BestMobile Malaysia untuk perkongsian info dan tips terkini.Kad p...

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Free 9.4 65

9.4 Users
Download Informer for SmartWatch Informer for SmartWatch icon

Informer for SmartWatch

Informer brings instant messages from different apps to your Sony Smar...

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Free 8.6 2.1K

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Download Original App Original App icon Original App

Since 2008 has been the #1 Fake Caller ID App th...

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Free 8.8 2.8K

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Download SMS Messages Collection ♥ FREE SMS Messages Collection ♥ FREE icon

SMS Messages Collection ♥ FREE

Completely offline and free SMS book containing about 50000+ SMS messa...

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Free 8.2 7.9K

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