Caesar's cipher



Encrypt your text message with the Caesar cipher!
This is one of the oldest cipher encryption algorithms of which we have historical record. It is a substitution cipher monoalphabetic.
With this application you can encrypt your messages with a key of your choice, and immediately forward them via SMS thanks to direct commands to send and phonebook access.

Choose whether to encrypt or decrypt the message
Enter a number from 1 to 26 as a key (a key must be known by your recipient)
Enter the text
Click on the crypt (Important!!)
If you send text messages, click on heading to select a number. Not required for sending e mail (requires internet connection)
Copy the text from the SMS or email messages (hold down the text, and then click on the top copy)
Open the application and click on the "decrypt and reply"
Paste the text by clicking the left button
Insert the key, and click on "decrypts"

Future implementations:
- Ability to send multiple sms
- Language support (anyone willing to translate a few lines of text in your application, you can send me an email)

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