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Very Simple Application and Most Effective One (100000+ downloads till Now for similar apps ).Support Latest Android Kitkat 4.4 and Nexus 5.

1. All FULL features for FREE. No Premium version for any feature.

1. BLACK LIST - Block Unwanted Callers / Call & SMS Blocker
(One step to add anybody in blacklist and you never see that anymore. )

2. Block Unwanted SMS - Same as above

3.PRIVATE LIST - Hide Privacy (Call & SMS) - Apart from call blocking you can have 1 more list that is PRIVATE List. After Adding anybody in private list. You are Safe from any call History or Private SMS from private Contact. No Body can't see Private Conversations.

4. Hide Missed Call Notification - For Private Contacts & Blacklist Callers

5. No Call Logs or History - For Private Contacts & Blacklist Callers

6. Private Space for Call Logs and SMS - For Private Contacts

7. Hint Notification for Private Contacts

8. Block Mode : By default block mode is set to "black list only". You can change it to "ALL Calls" and by doing this all call & SMS except WHITE LIST will be blocked/hidden & logs saved to private space.

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