Call + SMS Log Widget

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    See recent calls + SMS from the history, and call straight back using this home screen widget.

    What it does:
    - Half 4:2 and full 4:4 sized widgets.
    - Show up to 6 of your last calls + SMS received.
    - Filler for incoming, outgoing, missed calls and text messages.
    - Group calls + SMS from the same contact.
    - *Quick Dial* mode for instant calling.
    - *Pop-up* mode for dial options.
    - Seven background colours, including "Invisible" for lovers of clean home screens.

    What it doe's NOT do...
    - Photos: Due to Facebook privacy policy, Facebook contact photos cannot be displayed.
    - Scrolling: Android Home Screen does not support scrolling Widgets.

    - "Your personal information, Read contact data." Used to get relevant contact info from your call log.
    - "Services that cost you money, directly call phone numbers." Used to make phone calls in "Quick dial" mode.
    - "Phone calls, read phone state and identity." Used to refresh the Widget whenever a phone call is made. Widget remains idle the rest of the time, saving *you* battery.
    - "Read SMS or MMS." Used to read your last SMS message.
    - "Receive SMS." Used to trigger an update when a new SMS arrives.
    - "Edit SMS or MMS." Used to clear a read SMS message.

    Keywords: Last Call, SMS Log Widget, caller, quick dial, redial, dialler, dialer.

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