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Call2 is a great way of making cheap international calls from anywhere to anywhere! You could save up to 95% on international calls! *Special offer for new customers* Create an account now and we will give you 10p free credit.

If you spend a lot of time travelling abroad then our free app can help reduce your roaming charges. Here's how it works: unlike making an international call directly from your Android phone (where you would have to pay expensive outbound roaming charges), with Call2 you only have the cost of receiving a much cheaper, inbound roaming call saving you lots of money!

How does Call2 work?

Call2 works by using the best call back technology to make two outbound calls, one to you and one to the number you wish to call and connecting the two calls. The quality of Call2 telephone calls comes from the fact we use real business quality telephone lines not VoIP.

You can make calls from anywhere to anywhere. The lines you will be using will be the same used by governments and international business every day. The difference is that we route the call directly to you and because we buy huge capacity, we can cut the normal price to you by up to 95%. 

Just like pay as you go, our service is prepaid. You credit your account, which is then deducted when you make a call. You do not receive a bill from us. Your provider will NOT charge you for using our call back service. Remember, we call you so it is an inbound call to you, like receiving a call from a friend.

If you are using Call2 whilst traveling abroad please note your network provider may charge you for inbound roaming calls. Please check with your network provider. For more details, please visit

Call2 app features:
Reduce your Roaming Charges
Make calls using your phone contacts and save favourites
Make calls directly from your Recent calls list
Make Calls from Web browser
Make Calls from emails
Easy to use App to make calls and initiate call back to any of your phone numbers i.e. home, office or mobile
Credit Warning Alert feature to warn you when your balance is running low
Rate Checker allows you to keep track of call costs
Check latest Cheap International Rates
Use your app account to login online and access additional online features

Call2 service features:
Save up to 95% on Cheap International Calls
Great Call Quality using Real telephony not VoIP
Award winning friendly UK based customer support team is available 24/7
Pay as you go - no sign-up fees, subscription fees or hidden charges
Make calls to any phone, landline or mobile, in any country on Earth

What our Customers say about Call2:

“My boyfriend lives and works in USA and keeping in touch daily is cheap and easy thanks to Call2” RuRaynor – using Call2 since Feb 2010

" It works! Also, when I had a problem someone called me (in person!!) and helped me to solve my problem " MJangra – using Call2 since Aug 2005

About Call2

Call2, founded in 1997, is a cheap international, high quality, real telephone calling service that can be used from anywhere to anywhere in the world, from any phone. We regularly survey our clients and all of them have one thing in common; they wish to talk to loved ones and colleagues across the world on quality lines for a reasonable cost.

Recommend Friends and Earn Money

Call2 Affiliates scheme allows you to share the benefits of Call2 with your friends and colleagues and get rewarded for doing so! Call2 Affiliates scheme has been successfully rewarding satisfied customers for recommending friends for over 6 years. 

If you have friends that call internationally and are fed up with expensive roaming charges, calling card rip off’s or bad quality lines then you can guarantee that they will love the price and quality of Call2. 

Share Call2 with your friends and start earning rewards.

Cheap International Calls
High Quality Calls
Call from anywhere to anywhere

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