Cardamom : Send vCards via SMS



    Remember the days in which your phone couldn't receive vCards sent by another brand's phone?.

    Make your smartphone smarter with Cardamom. Cardamom adds the feature to manage vCard/Business Card on your Android device. Now it's so easy to share your contacts on your device.

    With Cardamom it's now possible for you to send & receive vCards through SMS not as random text but in an actual vCard (vcf)format.

    You can import the vCard into your contacts in 2 clicks. That too directly from the vCard Bucket of Cardamom.

    Sending vCards is so simple
    1)Go to your contacts apps
    2)Select share/send to
    3)Choose Cardamom and send vCard

    Cardamom will send vCard through SMS. It doesn't require data usage for sending vCard.

    Over the next -five- days after installing Cardamom you will be able to send your contacts in any of the three possible vCard formats or even as a plain text. All done in 3 Clicks.

    After five days, you have to purchase Cardamom Pro license through an In-App purchase for sending vCards. Meanwhile you can continue receiving vCards without purchasing license.

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