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Voice call is now available on Catfiz!

Catfiz is a lightweight messenger. Featuring combination of instant messaging, social-media interaction, storage service and multimedia streaming.

- No phone number exposed
- Can use NIC number or ID
- Communicate only with the people you know or choose to accept.
- Block / Blacklist selected contact

- Updates function gives you timeline of friend's activities related to 'status' and 'profile picture' they just update
- Give more expression by commenting on their status, quoting their message or comment, and give 'like' sign as well.
- Emoticon, Emoji, Sticker also available

- Send/share 'any' file message up to 500 MB
- No additional process needed, such as uploading to external cloud storage.
- No need to split your file into many pieces.
- 2000 Group member

- All files that appear in chats or groups communication are instantly ready to forward messages as a link.
- No need to download any file. If you feel you don’t want to download it first, you still can forward it!. Just touch and forward it to share file messages with your friends. This is like you have all the files in your conversation stored in a Cloud Storage.

- No need to download large multimedia file before open/playing it.
- You can start to stream from the beginning, go to the middle or end of your media file.
- This will safe your data plan when you're on mobile net. You can decide to download later while on wi-fi.

- Photo messages and share,
- Voice message and Video message,
- Message delivery status (queue, sent, delivered, read),

* Sync your phone book contacts to add to you friend recommendation list, so you can add them easily.

Use Catfiz for personal, official, community or larger organization
Be a part of Catfiz and enjoy true messenger experience with friends.


- In this 2.3.0 version you will be required to register and verify Catfiz using your phone number to let you add friends easier.
- Existing users will be required to also register and verify their phone number to continue using it. However, you will still be able to use your email to login to Catfiz.
- You can now get friend recommendations based on your address book.

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