CATV Cable Math



Weather you are an installer or line tech you have to have this app. You enter your information for your situation, drop or main line trunk and feeder. Press the Results button and there you are. The levels you should have at the outlet or tap you’re at.

Please be kind with the remarks. This is my first app. I know it’s not perfect. I am looking for constructive feedback to make this app be the best it can be.

The Drop Screen:

From here you can enter the signal levels at the tap, cable type and footage to the ground block.You can press the results button to find out what you should have at the ground block.

The Splitter Screen:

You can enter any splitter configurations you have at the home to the outlet your working at. Press the results button to get your new levels.

The Network Screen 1 of 2:

Here is the first of 2 network screens. You will enter the footage of each cable type you have in your run from the last amp. Any splitters or directional couplers you might have.

The Network Screen 2 of 2:

Here you will enter the output levels of the amp upstream from you. You will also enter your tap value and any other taps in the run up to but not including yours.

The Results Screen:

Here you will see the results of the calculations. If you entered the data correctly you should have these levels. If not there is something wrong.


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