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✔MobileGpsLocator OnDemand it's the only Gps Tracking application which supports Hardware Panic Button( by pressing the On/Off button 4 consecutive times ).

✔MobileGpsLocator OnDemand uses the most Advanced RealTime Tracking Algorithm which always knows your current position. If there is no Gps Signal, it will respond with the last position before loosing the Gps Signal(For example, before entering a building).

✔MobileGpsLocator's OnDemand Smart Engine allows extreme battery optimization and minimal energy consumption.

Attention Please!!!

1. After you finish the setup your phone will vibrate for 2 to 3 minutes trying to autoconfigure itself. During this procedure the screen must remain off.
2. Read carefully the installation instruction

MobileGpsLocator OnDemand - Cell Phone Tracker Features
* Hardware Panic Button( by pressing the On/Off button 4 consecutive times ).
* Supports up to 3 emergency - administrators numbers.
* Panic button function supports SMS and Phone Call alerts
* Locate the device with a simple SMS ( send text 'SOS' from authorized number )
* Unregistered SIM card detection
* The application runs at stealth mode as a service ( no application icon )
* Low battery alert is sent to the emergency numbers
* Built in Premium module for access through our Web Service (Requires subscription)

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Download MobileGpsLocator - Cell Phone Tracker Trial to try all the OnDemand features.

Request a free 10 days Premium license from our web site to try the Premium features.

MobileGpsLocator Premium Features(Requires subscription)

* Web-based application, accessible at any time from any computer or mobile phone
* Live tracking of one or more devices at the same time
* Record a history of routes and stops with all relevant information for an entire month
* Creation and management of Safety zones (e.g. home, school, playground, neighborhood)
* SMS or email alerts about movements outside or inside the designated areas
* Display of routes and stops on the map
* Reproduction of a specific route

For the application to work properly you must:

* Enable Data Access over mobile network ( Internet connection )
* Enable Google location Service by Wi-Fi and/or mobile networks
* Enable the use of GPS

MobileGpsLocator configuration

* Admin Phone 1,2,3 ==> Authorized to request position, receive Panic button and Low battery alerts.
* Tracking Mode ==> Choose 'OnDemand' for app default or 'Premium' if you want to try or buy our Premium addon service.
* Admin passkey ==> Enter a password that you can use to configure your device remotely by SMS.
* Panic Event ==> Choose 'Enable' to enable the panic button function with SMS alert
* Panic Call ==> Choose 'Enable' if you want except from sending an SMS, to make a phone call to the 3 emergency numbers.
* Gps Mode ==> Choose 'Stealth' if you want the tracking to work when the device is not in use.
* Sleep Mode ==> Enable this option only if you’ll use the device exclusively as a Gps Tracker. You must disable pin number to use this option
* Restart Modem ==> Enable this option for your phone’s modem to be restarted when it locks-up and looses internet connection. You must disable pin number to use this option.
* Battery Low Alert ==> An SMS with Low battery will be send to the 3 emergency numbers

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