Cheating Spouse Text Reader



Is your spouse showing suspicious activity? Do you wonder who they are texting all times of the day? Have you ever wished you could read your spouse's text? WELL WISH NO MORE!

The Cheating Spouse Text Reader allows you to enter your spouse's mobile number, and receive a message containing their most recent text messages. Now, you can get a copy of their messages without them even knowing. No matter where they are!

Simply download The Cheating Spouse Text Reader App, put in your spouse's mobile number and the app will send you a text message with a copy of your spouse's texts. So easy and quick to use.

No more guessing who their texting...KNOW for sure who they are texting and become empowered to take back control of your relationship.

DISCLAIMER: The developer is NOT responsible for any arguments, break ups, divorces, or any other activities as a result of you using this app. IT'S THAT GOOD!

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