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Like closed captions on your TV, ClearCaptions on your phone calls lets you hear AND read what's being said, eliminating the frustration of hearing on the phone. Instead of asking people to repeat themselves, or guessing what was said, you can read the person's words on your Android while you listen on the call.

Free for Qualified Users. 
As of September 30, 2013, the FCC requires users to pay a one-time Access Fee to enable ClearCaptions. Upon download, the ClearCaptions app will direct you to a page where you can enable ClearCaptions by registering for the service, and paying the FCC Access Fee. Once enabled, ClearCaptions is free to use. 


There are two ways you can use ClearCaptions on your device: simultaneous voice and captions, or captions only. To see captions and hear the call at the same time, you must have a simultaneous voice and data connection, and your phone must be able to accept inbound calls. For captions only, you'll only need a data connection, and will need to use a different phone for the audio portion of your call. In either case, the data connection can be through your wireless carrier or over wifi.

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