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Some things should stay up to date on their own. Now, they do.

Contact keeps you connected with your friends and family. It syncs phone numbers and email addresses of your most important connections in the cloud, and updates them if they change, the moment they change.

Is your contacts list not complete? Contacts makes awkwardly asking friends and family members for new contact information a thing of the past. Simply find your friends on Contact, and their shared information will immediately be available to you once they accept your request.

Never worry about "I need your number" emails again. If you change or lose your mobile device and don't have your contacts backed up, simply re-download Contact, and your entire contacts list will still be there.

Tired of paying for SMS? Contact offers free text messaging between Contact users. Enjoy moments in life with the people you wish could be there with you no matter how far apart you are for free! Contact's messaging service is reliable, fast, and fun!

Join your friends on Contact now, and experience the address book re-imagined.

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