Couple Tracker - Phone monitor


Couple Tracker - Phone monitor's review

This app lets you monitor your partner's phone activity.

  • Monitor kids/partner
  • See calls/text
  • Facebook monitoring
  • Must be WiFi/3G
  • Easily removed

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"Keep On Eye On Your Loved Ones"


Whether it's your child or your spouse, sometimes you just feel better if you can see what they're doing on their phone. That's just what Couple Tracker does. Once the app is installed on both phones, you can easily see calls, texts, where they've been and the Facebook messages sent and received. As long as the person always has a signal and the phone is on, you can see what they do in real time.


By easily monitoring activity in real time, you always know what your child or partner is up to. It's an easy to use monitoring app that can also show you history.


Tracking doesn't work if the phone's not connected to the internet or in data range. The app can easily be stopped or removed from a phone.

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by Molly

Mar 13, 2015

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