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Credit Call provides affordable and simple solution for international calls to everyone.
• No internet required for calling – it is all regular phone calls!
• Cheap: international calls starting at 0.02$/minute.
• No cuts or breaks as with internet (VoIP) calls.
• Download and call: All you need is the app, no SIM card switching or negotiation with operators.
• Top up as you need, no subscription or contracts required.
• Always available: call wherever and whenever you want.
• You always know how much you pay, and how much credit you still have.

It’s simple – rather than letting you call (and pay), we call instead of you:
1) You tell the app you want to call someone.
2) Our server calls you with a regular incoming phone call. Name of the person you are calling appears, so that you know whom have you dialed.
3) After answering the incoming call, our server dials the called person (also a classic phone call), and connects you.
Since you are connected as with a regular phone call, the person you called does NOT need to have internet connection or have Credit Call installed. They don’t even know you are using Credit Call – your call appears as every other regular phone call, with your own number of course.

First of all, you need to download the app (free). We do our best to make it as small as possible – to save both your memory and data bundles. For calling, you only need a miniature amount of data to let the server know you want to call (1kb). The call is then made by server WITHOUT using any of your data. Fast internet or Wi-Fi connection is not required.
Interesting information: standard call via Skype, WhatsApp etc (“VoIP services”) require at least 20kb per second (!) – so for a 1 single minute of calling, it takes about 1MB of your bundle – 1000 more than what we need to dial (no data used for the call itself). What’s more: we are working on completely data-free app. Soon, you will be able to do even the dial request via SMS!

Before you can start calling or when your balance is running low, simply add credit via PayPal, credit card payment, Google Wallet, iDEAL, Sofort or cashU. You can always top up on Credit Call website:

For more information on rates, how to add credit, international phone calls and other matters, see

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