Deceit Call



This free application is only a fake one for entertainment. Let¡¯s fool your friends.
Deceit Call is a fantastic app which allows you to trick your friends and your family in many ways:
- Want to get out of awkward situations?
- Want to trick your friends?
- Want to get a serious alibi for a specific moment?

- Contact choice (name, phone number, Image)
- Call conversation (create your own conversations)
- Call moment choice (specific time in future, specific date in future)
- Ringtone choice
- Vibration setting


There are 4 sections for us here for free with Android devices, including fake call, fake sms, and plan and call other.

We could get a fake call or text message in any time when we need it. We can set time or ringtones as we wish. Get fake incoming calls and excuse yourself from any situation with Deceit Call! Deceit Call at your next meeting, class, or awkward date!

We could also call others in this free application as we wish. We can set date and time to give a call.

With this free application Deceit Call, we could get out of awkward situations. Also we can tease at our friends with terrifying in-voice sounds for fun.

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To make this app free, we add publish.icon ads in it.